What Makes This Song Great? Ep.66 METALLICA (#2)


In this episode of “What Makes This Song Great? Ep.66 METALLICA (#2)” we explore the music of Metallica

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  • The ending of the video is on my Instagram @rickbeato1. It’s 1:43 long. There have been problems with YouTube all day and the end of the video was clipped on upload.

  • Tricked in by the Ride The Lightning thumbnail!

    Pesky Beato….

  • It's pretty amazing they made all those signature changes just by feeling it, and have been playing it together, as a band, in time, just by feeling it.

  • Why does the part where you do the piano bit make it sound more sinister. I love it!

  • He's an old hippie and he don't know what to do..should he hang onto the old, should he grab onto the new…..

  • I want to come live with you, Rick!

  • Heard this as my first Metal song from a guy in middle school in the late 80's. He told me I wouldn't like it (probably because I'm black) but it really was a turning point in my life. Been a metal head ever since and we are still great friends!

  • If you can pls dissect the day that never comes and fade to black by Metallica pls

  • Fantastic breakdown! I’d love to see one for “Orion.”

  • I love your analysis, always great to hear someone professional´s opinion on song i like, and a lot of us like! But for me, who doesn´t care what genre it is, if it is metal or pop, or if it is "true" metal or not, i think that The Black Album sonically and musically is their best album to date, and one of the greatest records of all time, i love their old style too, but i know they lost a lot of their old fans when they became a commercial succes with The Black Album, gained an even bigger audience though, where the average joe who wasn´t even real metalheads, would come to their shows and like them. And a sidenote, NEVER alternate pick a metallica riff 😉 ONLY downpick!!

  • It's. Just. Awesome!!!! Bought the album as soon as it hit the stores. It's never got old.

  • Lars is as was Peter Chriss to Kiss was', could of been better' :[) LoL

  • Metal Church 1987 has some of the greatest leads ever played.

  • That alternate picking annoys the hell outta me, Rick.
    You don't alternate pick Metallica 8ths ever.

  • id like to see the end of the vid… …not gonna view ig for it tho

  • Rick, That "Felt" part was calculated to be a bar 21/32

  • Those 4 albums from each of the Big 4 are all soooo outstandingly good its unreal

  • Standard song on a lame album. Kill em' & Lightening, much better songs. My Fav is still Death Magnetic.

  • 10:16 I could listen to those chugs all. Day. Long. Just master of puppets chugs. Somebody make that 10 hr video

  • I like how the video abruptly stops after Van Halen was mentioned. ROFL

  • Rick you hear everything. I bet you hear when a nat farts in the studio in those mixes. Talks the talk, hears everything then to top it off picks the guitar up and plays along as if he’s been in the band for years Hahahha. Unreal

  • "The problem is Lars can't play the drums."

  • Wow, mission impossible. One of the best heavy songs ever written. I'm going in to this with teeth out.

  • why i only like and justice for all ..lol. all the rest until load reminds me Black sabbath and slayer

  • Great grat video and i love this song. LOL at pointing out Lars' slightly imperfect drums. He was known for it 😀

  • Talking about reproducing sound of a guitar, that's why I always hated to learn how to play riffs from studio recording.
    So hard to mach the tones and even rhythms. Everything just blends in sometimes.

    My biggest advice to anyone learning, go and get good quality LIVE version of the song. So much easier to hear notes, rhythms and even articulations. Work's wonders.
    Love the video BTW. So nice to hear someone talks in so much details about song you knew for so long 🙂

  • Does he have the Master Tapes?! The isolation of parts is wonderful.

  • Year 86' was something called golden year for metalhead

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