SONG PARODY: Exit Sanity (Metallica – Enter Sandman) – Official Music Video


Another one about kids, although they’re older kids, so let’s call this one part three of the “Children Trilogy”, preceded by Chewing on Whatever (Lifehouse – Hanging By a Moment) and Oh, You Shitty Things! (David Bowie – Oh! You Pretty Things). Links to both of those below.

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Today’s parody is to the tune of Metallica – Enter Sandman from the 1991 “Black” self-titled album.


Oh, You Shitty Things!:

Chewing on Whatever:

Grynch After Midnight:

Exit Sanity
Lyrics © 2020 – Christopher M. Dixon

Take the stairs, little one.
Banisters are fun, but you might hurt your bum.
Walk, don’t run. Take it slow.
‘Cause you never know. You might just stub your toe.

Walk with untied shoelace,
Tripping you every time.

Kids aren’t wise.
No surprise.
Take my hand,
And don’t get in that stranger’s van.

Sit up straight, don’t you slouch.
Don’t you waste away all day long on the couch.
Pick up your toys, girls and boys.
You don’t have a choice. Now I’m getting annoyed.

Who left the back door open?
I’m whipping someone’s behind.

If you’re nice,
You’re in for a surprise.
Hold my hand,
Or you’ll get lost in Disneyland.

Now it’s time to go to sleep.
Just close your eyes and not a peep.
I should hear no sounds but if I do,
Just know that I’ve got superglue.

Hush little baby, don’t say a word.
And don’t you wake your poor sister.
It took an hour to put her down.
She sleeps the lightest sleep around.

Kids aren’t wise.
No surprise.
High demand.
Kids aren’t wise.
No surprise.
Take my hand,
And don’t get in that stranger’s van.

Don’t get in that stranger’s van. (Take my hand)
I’ll take your ass to Disneyland. (Take my hand)
Just don’t get in that stranger’s van (Take my hand)


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