Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I. & Pharrell (Unrated Version)


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Music video by Robin Thicke performing Blurred Lines. (C) 2013 Star Trak, LLC

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  • Love how you can upload legit porn on YouTube as long as you’re a famous celebrity

  • This is the music video version of getting your homework done the night before it’s due….

  • How come Robin Thicke was labelled a misogynist and a rape glorifier while the T-Pain and Pharrell weren't given any grief?

  • A lot of people in the world mistake kindness for love. Being open/extroverted for wanting it. "I know you want it " is absurdly associated with women wearing short clothes, having desires and wearing makeup . No she doesn't want it. No she never said anything . You made it appear as if she actually did . Admiring herself while growing up was associated with she is trying to please them/him . If anything was real , show it . The opposite sex has constantly associated all women with " she wants it " picking on some lame hint which might have never actually been the intention. Yes the videos you watch have an impact on the brain making you believe that if she does something, it probably because she wants it. Please ask her before you assume it.

  • We found it, guys! We found that one vid on what youtube FAQ faps.

  • Not sure I understand the whole topless idea here, but who am I to complain… 🙂

  • It is difficult to write a comment With one hand, because the other is touching the holy bible, amen!!!

  • This video contains
    100% nudity but also
    1000% woo!

  • I feel sorry for pharrel for witnessing those naked girls. Man he did nothing, only vibing.

  • Let's chalk it up…
    -Tits, fully uncensored and uncovered completely
    -"Robin Thicke has a big dick"
    -May I say… Erotic Dancing?
    -"I know you want it ;)"

    Anything else to add to the list? ^^^
    This has all the guidelines of a Pornhub video, all it needs now is a few comments in the comment section asking people how to do algebraic problems and asking for help on cooking pancakes.
    Youtube needs to set their sights on something OTHER than demonetizing the new generations of Youtubers with sub-100k subscribers for saying one or two swears. They are removing people from their own platform or their own volition.

  • How tf this allowed on yt but everything else related to a nippal is taken down

  • C'est quand meme drole les mec devait etre tous bander en faisant le clip

  • Este es el tipo que decía estar shockeado cuando miley hizo twerk? EL TIENE MUJERES DESNUDAS TODO EL VIDEO! Es peor que el twerk de Miley

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