No Fake Friday – Outta My System (Paul Westerberg/I Don't Cares cover)


I first heard “Outta My System” on the whirlwind that is Paul Westerberg’s “49:00” also known as “49 minutes of your life”. The album plays like a peek inside Paul’s head, and it plays as one continuous file. It is actually 5 minutes and 5 seconds short of being 49 minutes long , which may explain why he came back shortly after that album with a song called “5:05” that was 5:05 in length. Paul was selling “49:00” at a price of 49 cents for a very short period of time before the album was pulled from stores. I don’t believe there has been official word regarding why the album WAS pulled, but he did sing about 4 seconds of a Beatles song which is a theory that makes some sense. (At the end of 5:05 he sings a snippet of “Oh Darling” in a way that sounds like he is taunting someone, and moments before that he says “Fuck you” on beat a few times. The rest of the lyrics in 5:05 seem to point towards him being specifically pissed off at someone’s lawyers…)
Anyway, I could go on and on. I love Paul Westerberg’s solo material, and I tend to love most of what he did in the Replacements. I also love the album he did with Juliana Hatfield under the group name “The I Don’t Cares”. This song was also resurrected for that album.


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  • Years ago I looked up How to play Red Rain by Gabriel on guitar and saw your video. I loved it! I had no idea that you had a channel. I wish I could have learned how to play Red Rain. LOL!!! You are a really talented musician.

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