Nine Inch Nails- Live Mexico 2018 (Pro-shot HD)


Capture: Streaming Mexico 2018.
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0:00:25 Mr. Self Destruct
0:04:14 Wish
0:07:55 Less Than
0:11:31 March of the Pigs
0:15:54 Piggy
x:xx:xx The lovers (removed due to copyright).
0:20:45 Reptile
0:27:30 Shit Mirror
0:31:45 Ahead of Ourselves *(incomplete)
0:34:05 God Break Down the Door
0:39:15 Closer
0:44:10 Burn
0:49:10 The Perfect Drug
0:54:13 Me, I’m Not
0:58:40 Copy of A
1:04:05 Gave Up
1:09:30 I’m Afraid of Americans
1:14:50 Starfuckers Inc.
1:20:36 The Hand That Feeds
1:24:06 Head Like a Hole
1:29:19 Hurt

Alessandro Cortini: Keyboards, guitar, bass, backing vocals
Robin Finck: Guitar, Keyboards, backing vocals
Trent Reznor: Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Atticus Ross: Keyboards, samples, programming, backing vocals
Ilan Rubin: Drums, keyboards, backing vocals

Full show:

00:00:00 How to Destroy Angels- Too late, all gone
00:00:16 Portishead – Silence.


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  • q kła ja studioa temat i NIN na max głośnosć!!!!!!!!! a potem screaming slave przez 6 min na maxa…..hehehehe lubiłem to hehehe oni polubili hihihihih…

  • I want to congratulate Robin Finck on his dedication to sporting the most stupid haircut in the world for almost 30 years now! Whoever he is having the bet with seriously needs to pay up soon.

  • trent and robin, they just match its amazing

  • I believe that when you go to heaven this set plays on repeat forever.

  • 27:42 Robin the Finck elevating bad witch with his vocals periodt.

  • These cameramen are the true hero’s for not falling over anything, even with all of the strobe lights.

  • This has gotta be the greatest live NIN lineup ever, perhaps even the greatest live lineup ever period.

  • This is amazing. The camera angles get my heart racing. It feels like organized chaos.

  • Trump 2020 you fuckin illuminati shill.. pushing your globalist agenda…rot in hell you pos.

  • 42:17, Почему по середине "Closer" была сыграна партия из "The only time"?

  • I remember going to your fairwell tour at Terminal 5 NYC. Can’t wait to see you again. Hope the family is well.

  • I would be soo happy to see NIN live open with Mr Self Destruct… followed by Wish ?!

  • Trent's vocals didn't sound right at first. Glad that was temporary.

  • un bajon que este en blanco y negro, no se ve nada loco!, no se puede ver eso corona,

  • I do wish there was more songs from the Fragile here. I'd love if they played straight through the Fragile for the anniversary of 20 years. Hopefully NiN will record another full album again. Liked Bad Witch but a full album would be best.

  • NiN's my favorite band! I haven't been able to see em live yet but would had they come to Minnesota. Love this live video from Mexico. Very cool! The Fragile is my favorite album ever and it means allot to me. Hoping they'll release a deluxe type anniversary copy here when it hits the 20th year mark

  • Whoa. The Perfect Drug drum breakdown and ending was really really something!

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