• The Horrid Rings
    An empire built is of fear
    behalf their torturous heyday
    bodies stretched, are chained the rack
    flesh soaked becomes as flesh burned
    cautery anew becomes blood
    parts used for their vanity
    machines, metal and of wood
    laid out before wheeled sanity
    lists are made and thus, taken
    their birth and their noble cause
    the judge, bribed his draw
    and, rings are fired and adorned
    saws, dirks, and instruments sharpened
    ignored and passed the turned
    the innocent poked and hardened
    on writs of the sour'd and fall'n
    a snake ouroboros
    or, punishments of the law
    to ways of cycles nature
    our definitions dawn tall
    -Jeremy F. Nienow

  • La cuarentena me tiene acá disfrutando un buen rock,!!!!

  • I love this song, but is it just me who doesn't know what tf is going on in the music video?

  • This album is like RHCP's One Hot Minute. Very little love for it, but it was one of their best records.

  • Awesome ablum… there are so many Dynamics going on in that album

  • Probably how my Dad and brother felt about their mental illness. Which ultimately won as they are no longer here

  • ​Swing low pressure storms into the carolinas I invoke! Massive floods!

  • thank you lars, to put james into this…yeah…fuck you!

  • i think there was a lot of metal heads who loud as stab in the back and
    then turned there backs on the band. for me i still rely like the trash
    albums i have a lot of metallica shirts posters from the 80s,early 90s,
    but i hate every thing after black. i have had many chances to see them
    live but never wanted to go, i would go check out testament they have
    stayed true and did't cut there fucking hair ether like some fake

  • A 3D version of Bosch, not terrifying at all!! Visually arresting af! I had practically forgotten about this video until recently when it was on MTV Classic. Eye candy to go along with the ear candy.

  • Love coming across a song I know I'll immediately like once it starts

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