• im watching you….! youve been warned… the Illuminati….

  • all those justin bieber and trash artist videos get like 100s of millions of views…what the fuck man

  • 1.25 speed sounds crazy, especially the intro. This is being played at my funeral otherwise I’m not dying

  • How could he know this new dawn's light
    Would change his life forever?
    Set sail to sea but pulled off course
    By the light of golden treasure
    Was he the one causing pain
    With his careless dreaming?
    Been afraid
    Always afraid
    Of the things he's feeling
    He could just be gone
    He would just sail on
    He would just sail on
    How can I be lost?
    If I've got nowhere to go?
    Searched the seas of gold
    How come it's got so cold?
    How can I be lost
    In remembrance I relive
    How can I blame you
    When it's me I can't forgive?
    These days drift on inside a fog
    It's thick and suffocating
    This seeking life outside its hell
    Inside intoxicating
    He's run aground
    Like his life
    Water's much too shallow
    Slipping fast
    Down with the ship
    Fading in the shadows now
    A castaway
    All gone
    Blame gone away…

  • I only listened to this because of a guy i liked, we stopped talking and much and here I am again

  • Someone should make a movie adaptation of these three songs. The trailer will begin with the intro to this song, and people who don't even know who Metallica is will hear the opening trailer and be intrigued, and be brought in. Metel is the true rock and roll

  • This series of songs are really underrated.Only they can understand who have lot of pain from earth,him/her and himself.

  • Awesome song lyrics have a great message throughout our darkest days we have we got a light side and a dark one bc of the choices we make I understand from James Hatfield point of view alcohol drove my relationship away from my ex gf bc I chose to be on the dark path good to know that this song has good meaning to it

  • Why do people claim unforgiven 2 was a sell out and this is better?
    This is softer, has worse lyrics and worse vocals.
    I can't stand people who hate things because they are popular, get a life posers.
    A real fan likes all the music, not just stuff that other people do not.

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