Metallica: The Thing That Should Not Be (Live – Seattle '89) [Live Shit: Binge & Purge]


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The Thing That Should Not Be (Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammett)
Recorded live on August 29 & 30, 1989 at the Seattle Coliseum in Seattle, WA
Directed by Michael Salomon

© 1993 Blackened Recordings

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  • I like how in the description the song description is “SEATTLE THINGY”

  • My favorite Metallica performance ever. It took me 30 years to realize it, but Seattle 1989…. that’s Metallica at their absolute pinnacle. The people there witnessed magic.

  • this song is possessing!
    was this performance in the past or this video is from future with Metallica benjamin-buttonin?!

  • The snare on the last 4 hits is SO MUCH DEEPER but I don’t see Lars using the kick drum at all ?? And definitely not hitting the floor toms at all which is typically how u would get the deeper tone ? I wonder if that was done within the sound board ? If anyone knows get back at me

  • Fucking prime Metallica! I’ll never get tired of seeing this

  • Back when the Metallica was the greatest metal band in the world. The song writing style, sound, and structure was phenomenal! It was a shame that all ended after this tour…they failed the very people that got them to where they are. They weren't just a band to us. They created a society where those of us who were estranged a place to call home. They gave us a world where it was ok to be different and to say fuck the establishment and fuck trends and fuck sell-outs! Then, the unthinkable happened… in a flash, simply overnight, the elders whom we looked up to and followed with every ounce of our heart and soul, did the very thing that they so vehemently stood against. Our world would end that year and never again be the same. Feelings of abandonment, betrayal,confusion, and epic sorrow filled us to the point of imploding. I've never she'd a year for the loss of a band or musician before or sense. I held onto hope as if it was my only life raft to sanity. I listened to Load when it came out. After 3 songs in, tears fell down my face. I knew then, that it was certain. Metallica was actually dead. My world and millions of others was permanently changed forever. I will say thank you to what was the greatest band in history. You inspired hundreds of thousands of musicians either professional or beginners like myself. My main drum kit I used for almost while 10 yr career was a black Tama set, arranged and inspired by Lars setup when he had a 9 piece. The Monsters of Rock show in Russia had great footage of it. My setup was identical except the hydraulic hats by the ride. RIP Metallica.

  • that guitar intro is probably the best thing ive ever heard in my life and idk how to make a flanger sound like that

  • The Four Horseman Ride! Hetfield commanded a fiercesum presence.The cools that about them is that they refuse to make any videos which the early Hardcore fans took alot of pride in there underground stance.Of course when "One" came out that ended but tunes like this didn't need any visuals cus' when your Stoned & Drunk outta your mind the songs transcended your imagination…

  • The hunters have become the hunted…KAG TIL THE END.

  • When I first heard this song I shitted bricks and my neck was sore

  • The last year of MetallicA 1990-present is just tallica.

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