Metallica Ride The Lightning


This video is a slide show of lightning storm pictures backed by Metallica’s Ride The Lightning song, there are some really awesome pictures in the video


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  • Perfect entertainment since I was 14 I'm now 47 Mettallica has been with me for decades there awesome!

  • On top of the roof. In trees. Always naked. The lightning would not take me.

  • Nikola Tesla's anniversary death is coming on January 6th, 2020. Thank you.

  • Fuck Google pixel 4 if they show a commercial on you tube any video do the opposite don't buy dont watch and don't listen they hate you so why buy tbere shit

  • How somebody could give this a thumbs down is unconsciouable can you feel it

  • I dunno, I think this album has the best guitar tones of all Metallica albums. Fight me!

  • when i first heard hells bells i couldnt consume it, is this the same?

  • Okay, I know I like the song "Ride The Lightning", and yes I do love the way lightning itself moves and all.
    But, lightning has no involvement in the song at all!
    Ride The Lightning was based off of writing a story into a song about a man who was asleep, but had a nightmare about him being in an actual electric chair being sentenced to execution in the mid-evil times or in the 1700's.
    It described how the man felt in his dream, unsure if it was reality or sleep. He woke up when he claimed he felt it, and highly resents that foul of a nightmare and wishes to never see it or proposedly "experience" that frightening dream again.
    Ride The Lightning is actually an Album based off of nothing but a set of older stories written into songs.
    The Call Of Ktulu is my favorite, though from all of Ride The Lightning Album…

  • who could play like this no one brill difrentt strangs timpo brill there a group above others

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