Metallica – Oslo, Norway [2003.12.03] Full Concert


Band name: Metallica
Date: December 3, 2003
Venue: Oslo Spektrum
Location: Oslo, Norway
Tour name: Madly in Anger With the World Tour

Track listing:
0:00:07 Fight Fire With Fire
0:05:02 Fuel
0:09:53 Ride The Lightning
0:16:59 Fade To Black
0:24:49 The Thing That Should Not Be
0:33:51 Frantic
0:40:42 Creeping Death
0:49:04 Dirty Window
0:55:45 Sad But True (Cut)
1:01:41 One
1:08:06 Blackened
1:16:44 Harvester of Sorrow
1:25:40 Nothing Else Matters
1:31:28 Master of Puppets
1:43:48 St. Anger
1:51:24 Enter Sandman
2:02:34 So What
2:05:07 Whiplash

Notes and comments:
Quality isn’t that great. I tried to fix up the audio the best I could. Killer setlist at least.


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