METALLICA “One” – 2 Girls 1 Harp (Harp Twins) HARP METAL


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For as long as we can remember, we have wanted to create an arrangement where we would both play on the same harp, at the same time. However, we didn’t want to arbitrarily choose a song, so we put it on the back-burner. One day C went up to K and said “I know what song we should play on one harp!” K immediately replied: “One!” So we knew it was meant to be. 😀 😀 We started working on the logistics – which ended up being more complicated than we expected. K had to learn how to play backwards (quite a mind teaser) and C had to figure out how to change the pedals for BOTH of our completely different parts. (The pedals change the pitches of the strings – allowing us to change keys or get accidentals) We wanted to utilize the soundboard for percussion, so we started incorporating percussion into C’s part. We wanted to create some percussion for K’s part, but because she was playing backward, she couldn’t reach the soundboard with her hands. So, we invented the technique of kicking the harp with the instep of the foot. People are often concerned that we’re damaging the harp, but the harp is much stronger than our feet! (Even though we’re 3rd degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do!) K actually split her foot open while rehearsing this piece and we didn’t notice until there was blood streaming down the soundboard of the harp. Drawing blood made our interpretation even more metal, though. 😉 😉 It was fun to invent new ways to play the harp for this arrangement. We are literally re-inventing our instrument! We LOVE playing this arrangement at our live shows. And yes, what we’re playing in the video and what you’re hearing is real. No backtracks or overlays. We hope you enjoy listening/watching as much as we enjoy playing!

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Audio Recording = No recording studio. No loops, overlays, or backtracks. Just 1 harp — 1 audio take!

Music Arranged by Camille and Kennerly
Music Produced by Camille and Kennerly
Music Mastered by Kevin Bartlett
Video Concept by Camille and Kennerly
Video Edited by Camille and Kennerly
Costuming by Camille and Kennerly
Custom red jackets by Rachel Hitt
Custom jacket buttons and trim by us and our mom

Camille and Kennerly obtained licensing from the original publisher to release their harp audio recording of “One” as heard in this original music video.

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    Q. Why did you use only one harp?
    A. As an homage to the title of the song!! ONE was a top request. So we decided to arrange it on only 1 harp and create both a musical and a performance piece. For our other videos we are each playing a harp.

    Q. Why do you kick the harp?
    A. ONE is an intense, emotional, and disturbing song. We wanted to find a way to get as much sound with as much variance as possible – with only 1 harp – an instrument people usually associate with peace and relaxation. Covering a song that was originally played by an entire band, on just one harp and making it sound full and rocking was a huge challenge. We wanted to include percussion elements that are so important in the original so slapping, drumming, and tapping made sense. The player on the "wrong" end of the harp could not reach the sound board with her hands, so we invented the idea of kicking the harp – using her instep (the top of the foot, NOT the toes) ! She removed her shoe so she would not scuff the wood on the harp.

    Q. Did it hurt her foot/toes?
    A. No, not by the time we filmed the video. Kennerly did not use her toes. She used her "instep", the top of her foot. Kennerly split her foot open when we were arranging and learning this… we had to clean blood off the soundboard. But, by the time we created our video Kennerly’s foot had become very tough and it was/is no longer painful. She also removed her shoe so that she would not scuff the wood.

    Q. Why do you look at each other while you are playing?
    A. We are a real life instrumental duet – not just a YouTube collab. We look at each other for timing, to signal (cue) each other, and because we’re enjoying the music. 🙂 🙂 We do not use a drummer or backtrack to keep us "together" with our completely different harp parts.

    Q. Why are you SO intense when you are playing?
    A. We are "into/feeling" the music! It takes a LOT of work, concentration, and intensity to play our harp duet arrangement the way that we do with Kennerly backward, balancing on one leg, while Camille operates the 7 pedals (each with 3 possible positions) for the key changes for both of our completely different harp parts, plus rapping, kicking, switching sides, etc., but we had a blast inventing new ways to play the harp!

    Q. What do the pedals do?
    A. The pedals change the pitch of the strings. There are 7 pedals, one for each note of the C scale. Every one of our 47 strings can be three different pitches (flat, natural, sharp) because we move each pedal into 3 different levels while we are playing. For this arrangement Camille was operating the pedals for BOTH of our completely different harps parts while Kennerly was playing backwards standing on one leg. 🙂 🙂

    Q. How do you make your videos and get the sound?
    A. We are really playing when we film, that is how we are able to play together. 🙂 🙂 We do not record in a studio. 120 of our 125 videos (including ONE) are self-made samples of music we have arranged ourselves for performances – Only our 2 harp parts – but No backing track, No Karaoke, No loops, No harp overlays, No studio recording, No crew, No director, No videographer, No producer, etc. – just the 2 of us doing everything ourselves! However, like anyone making a "music video", we do not use the sound we recorded through our little camera on a tripod. There is always too much ambient and environmental noise outdoors (wind, birds, traffic, people, dogs, trains, planes, etc.) plus filming from different directions and distances. When we get home we record ourselves LIVE in our living room. We play together (at the same time) just the same as you see us doing in the video and add it to the edited video footage. 🙂 🙂 Photo:

    Q. Why so many cuts?
    A. This is our ONLY video like this. ONE is an intense, emotional, and disturbing song. We deliberately chose to show as much of possible of all the different sounds we were creating for reality and interest. We think it is still less unsettling than most video games as well as the original video. 😉 😉 If it is too intense for you we have over 125 other videos for you to enjoy.

    Q. Do you play other harps?
    A. We also play electric lever harps with 33 strings and 33 levers that change the pitches of the strings and smaller acoustic lever harps that also use levers. We cross styles, genres, and decades from rock and metal to TV, Movie and Anime Soundtrack, Classical, Sacred, and more. We will continue to go where no harps have one before with our radical duet harp revolution! Please listen with headphones.

    Q. Can I see you perform? Where do you live?
    A. We do not make our living on YouTube. We are duet harpists in our "real" lives. We are based out of Chicago, USA. Currently we go where we are hired or sponsored to perform. If something comes to mind, please contact an event or venue in your city or country and ask that they bring us in. We use our for information. There is an EVENTS TAB: that we update as public events (but not private) are confirmed – new events are always being added! If you are interested in more info, you can also sign up for our E-NEWSLETTER:

    Q. Can I purchase your music?
    A. Our harp duets are available world-wide. The sound is superior to the compressed sound that YouTube gives us. We have released 6 physical CDs as well as mp3s of our music. Our music is also available on streaming platforms. The links are under every video and on our

    Blessings from Chicago, x2

  • Hello harp twins this is Paul Burns you girls are beautiful you girls look like angels I like your music

  • First time I’ve ever smiled listening to this song, if they do another SandM CD hopefully they bring you in.

  • I'm stunned.
    And, an instant fan.
    Thanks for your dedication, and amazing talent.
    Don't ever stop.
    Midgárd will hiccup, if you ever do.

  • My favoutite version of the song.

  • (Bom Jesus da lapa-BAHIA -BRAZIL)Vale São Francisco.Massa vídeo didático melódica única harpa toca alma suas notas.venha nossa Cidade histórica 328anos Romaria 2 milhões turista ano visitando.vocês serão bem vindos nossa BAHIA.2020 de paz amor. /JESUS VEM

  • Wow, Rocking a harp with percussion and mirror image angels.

  • Very intenesly beautiful such great intutitivnese and composition. .most covers suck…yours was individual and still rocked…I love all kinds of music.,so nice to listen to

  • I couldn't help it and had to buy the title in App Store – great music

  • Why is that one lady keep kicking the harp? That harp must owe her lots of money.

  • This was soo cool to watch! You definitely made that harp earn it's keep! I hadn't even finished the video before I sent the link to a friend who would also appreciate this.

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