METALLICA – Nothing Else Matters (Acoustic) – Classical Fingerstyle Guitar cover by Thomas Zwijsen


Nothing Else Matters by Metallica – Acoustic / Classical / Flamenco / Spanish Fingerstyle guitar cover by guitarist Thomas Zwijsen.

Nothing Else Matters was released in 1992 with an Official Video and on the “Metallica” album, written by James Hetfield. Nothing Else Matters became one of the most famous rock ballads in history and is part of Metallica’s live set frequently.
This classical fingerstyle guitar arrangement incorporates all important elements of the song, including the intro, solos, vocal lines, etc..

Tabs and a Tutorial Video are available at
Thomas’ music is available at

Multiple classical/acoustic guitar covers have been made, by for instance Igor Presnyakov, Soren Madsen, Sungha Jung, Leandro Kasan, James Bartholomew and a great flamenco version by Ben Woods. However this arrangement is much different, incorporating all essential parts and solos with a wide variety of techniques. All can be learned at online guitar school


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