Metallica-Master Of Puppets(Bass Iso)[REACTION]


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This one is for the metal heads out there. I’m a big fan of all types of music and if you’re into metal music and play bass then you know who Cliff Burton was. He was Metallica’s original bass player who unfortunately died in an accident in 1986 while the band was on tour in Europe. I listen and react to his isolated bass track from from the song Master Of Puppets. You can hear all of the nuances of his playing which is a cool way to get behind the scenes on his creative process. Let me know if you like me doing reactions to isolated parts.

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  • wow never heard cliff burton bass isolated before…good stuff man

  • He's hard to pick out of MoP because half the time he's up in the register providing harmonics to a deep guitar chord, making that signature Metallica 'feel'.

  • My Brotha

    Firstly, thank you so much for your videos. It is because of you as a beginning bassist I have gotten better in my craft. I enjoyed your lessons on En Vogue, Maxwell, Groove Theory and others.

    I am a big time Nu Soul head, and I was wondering if I could have help with tabbing and getting the notes for a couple of songs. I am still learning this craft and could really use the help!

    The songs are:

    "That's All" by Devin Morrison
    "Simple Timeless" by Fertile Ground

    Any help would definitely be appreciated!
    Keep doing what you are doing and I will keep watching and practicing!

  • React his bass solo. Metallica- Anesthesia pulling teeth live in Chicago 1983

  • Ron Mcgovney is the original bass player of Metallica 🙂

  • “It ain’t what you do, but the way that you do it.“ Isolated tracks are awesome because you can hear everything like you said. It’s all part of music appreciation. The Lake Cliff Burton, no matter what people like or don’t like about metal, was a monster bassist. Funk to punk, it’s all good. Love your vibe!

  • react to fade to black iso bass pls . You ll be like thats breaking the rules of chords

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