Metallica – Master Of Puppets [Full Album]


Band: Metallica
Album: Master of Puppets
Released: March 3, 1986
Genre: Thrash Metal

1.Battery [0:00 – 5:10]
2.Master Of Puppets [5:11 – 13:45]
3.Welcome Home (Sanitarium) [13:46 – 20:13]
4.The Thing That Should Not Be [20:14 – 26:48]
5.Disposable Heroes [26:49 – 35:04]
6.Leper Messiah [35:05 – 40:45]
7.Orion [40:46 – 49:08]
8.Damage, Inc. [49:11 – 54:40[
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  • As a physicist, I can confirm that this album BREAKS Einstein's general theory of relativity.
    Master of Puppets is SO HEAVY that it should have collapsed into a BLACK HOLE upon its release in 1986.
    Fortunately for us metalheads, it didn't! m/

  • Saw this tour in 1986 in Houston Texas a few months before Cliff Burton died, Ozzy Osbourne never stood a chance.

  • I own the entire metallica collection on vinyl…….except st.anger……not sure what that was!!!!

  • I'm glad my I was born with a dad that shows me music like this

  • something about Sanitarium and Thing That Should Not Be not being in proper order…

  • why the bad sound quality of this record, why do they upload this in such a bad quality

  • This one is the best. A few metal albums came close (and two of them are from Metallica as well), but none is closer to what I like the most. I was 18 when it came out, this album had a great influence on my musical taste.

  • Orion.

    The best metal instrumental ever.

  • For me, my Metallica era ended right after the release of MOP. Dont know why, but things started to sound odd after this monster album I guess.

  • thank you for no ads! 54 and still driving everyone around me crazy!

  • James's voice in his 20's sounds so teen!! Awesome and fresh but I like his now tho. I am used to his matured voice rather. Both wonderful. I like him and Metallica!

  • Like the way you have it layed out brother! Thx man

  • still a great album by a massivly talented band- still going in 2020 😀

  • perfection in eight songs, for things like this everything is forgiven to metallica

  • Metallica's Master Of Puppets is likely the grand prize winner of two very well-known awards: one is the award for the most influential metal album of all time and the other is the award for the most overrated album in the history of not only metal, but all of music. How can an album hold both of these titles? Well, regardless of the album's quality it has been repeatedly jizzed on with approval from just about every critic since its release and it's essentially poisoned metal as we know it. Is Master Of Puppets a bad album? Not really. Then what's the problem?

    Well, the band didn't realize it was 1986.

    This release belongs in 1983 in every known way, shape, and form. I don't think the band realized this until they entered the studio to record this album, they didn't realize that in 1986 thrash had evolved far past ripping off the Venom, Diamond Head, and Discharge albums of old like they had in their albums past. Hetfield and the gang must have realized that they had run out of Dave Mustaine's riffs to steal (and it's just foolish to try and rip off someone while they're active in the height of their career) which forced them to improvise the awkward, disjointedly "technical" riffs littered throughout this album. This band in general is pretty much completely responsible for the complete mediocrity that thrash metal quickly became and mainstream metal as we know it today.

    Despite being completely unoriginal and half-baked, this album managed to garner worldwide success. The masses apparently listened to this album and decided that this is the way for metal to go. This easily makes Master Of Puppets the most overrated, backwards-thinking, counterproductive album of all time. Where were people? Did they hide inside a rock for three years, come out in 1986, and had Master Of Puppets be the first and only album they listened to? This wouldn't make a top ten list for best metal albums in 1986, let alone of all time. How can people give this so much acclaim when in 1986 you had the unholy, unrelenting assault on your senses that was Slayer's Reign in Blood, the brutal bludgeoning that was Kreator's Pleasure to Kill, or even Dark Angel's speed-driven Darkness Descends (which I didn't even like, but it's still better and way more influential than anything Metallica ever put out!). Where were they for the punk-filled Nuclear Assault debut, the rawness of the first Sodom and Sepultura albums, and even the Megadeth album that year was better than Master Of Puppets! Hell, people! In the previous year, Celtic Frost released To Mega Therion! While the only good full-length album in their catalog, it truly revolutionized metal with it's plethora of doom, death, and black metal traits. Master Of Puppets doesn't do anything like that! By 1986, Bathory had already released two albums, what were people doing? What were they thinking? Why is this review consisting mostly of name-dropping? Am I going to fix that? Well, yes, I am. Metallica may not  be able to clean up their act but I sure as hell can!

    Master Of Puppets has managed to piss me off even more now simply because after those opening, enraged paragraphs I have to talk about the opening track. Why so angry? Well, "Battery" is actually a good song. Doesn't really help the mood when Battery is an awesome and heavy track, even if it isn't as good as what many would lead you to believe. Any pleasure derived from "Battery" is completely washed away by the overlong album-titled track with a main riff ever so sneakily stolen from the old Metal Church demos. Midway through the song we're introduced to the "legendary" and "universally hailed" solo from Hetfield. Maybe I'm just an uncreative writer, but there really isn't much to say about Hetfield's soloing than what I already said in the second paragraph. This uncreative solo is considered visionary for it's technicality, nothing else.  Doesn't make much sense to me. After the poor job at guitar wank, the moronically named "The Thing That Should Not Be" prances along and introduces itself for the petty, parodic Black Sabbath worship that it is. Where Black Sabbath were midpaced, creative, and heavy; this song was midpaced, boring, and plodding. A one out of three is an F, Metallica! While this should of been seen as the failure that it was (and still is) it somehow managed to be some inspiration for the painfully bad groove metal scene (bad song makes a bad subgenre, no shocks to be found here).

    Make way for the obligatory cheesy ballad! "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" is among us! A song with slow parts for the sake of  having them! Screw proper use of dynamics! Try for a crap song for people to just eat up! Sure, ballads and dynamics were all done much better on albums like Black Sabbath's Sabotage, Judas Priest's Sad Wings of Destiny, and King Crimson's Red it didn't stop anyone from claiming this to be some masterpiece of avant-garde metal. I know I said I'd fix the whole name-dropping deal, but the fact there is so much to mention is the entire point. This album is just recycling ideas as shamelessly as possible, there are thousands of songs out there that start off slow and soft and build into a crazed crescendo but Metallica doesn't even do it well.

    On the fifth track we finally see Metallica taking a break from sucking completely, "Disposable Heroes" is a generally redeemable 8-minute thrash attack. Even still, the riff is painfully reminiscent of Exodus's Piranha. It's an average thrasher, but that's all. After the break, Metallica kicks the shit meter up to 11 again with "Leper Messiah" which has all it's remotely interesting bits ripped directly from the Dave Mustaine handbook. Too bad even the possibly interesting parts were all already done on Ride the Lightning. Oh well. Metallica killed the metal way as we know it, there is no passionate, creative drive to kick ass to be found on any of their records and Masturbator Of Puppets (ha, thought that up right now.  Brilliant, right?!) is no exception. Well, to be fair, the metal was there in the beginning. Hetfield was a young metal kid before Ulrich's poseurism brainwashed him and made him into a puppet. Ulrich is the true Master Of Puppets, I suppose. At least Orion was a good track, a powerful instrumental in the vein of the much superior Call Of Ktulu from their previous album. So just go listen to that song.

    The last song on the album, the fast and entirely insipid Damaged Incorporated, is Hetfield's last contribution to the album and his final cry of death as big business man Ulrich finishes him off. There isn't much to say, just look at modern mainstream metal and you have your final statement. I know that I might have spent little time talking about the album itself and more the stupid amounts of love it is given, but do I really have to review this album? Everyone has heard Master Of Puppets and those who haven't have probably already heard it littered throughout their current metal music. This album isn't that bad, it's just the reaction to it that's abhorrent. Telling you about the music in Master Of Puppets now won't bring anything very new, but I'm just telling you Master Of Puppets wasn't anything new in 1986 either.

  • I forgot how much I love this shit!! Omg talk about a blast from the past.

  • I remenber when it came out spring 1986 first 10 Times what a hell is this but then nr 11 until now wow this is definetely their best album far from other albums

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