Metallica: Live in Melbourne, Australia – March 1, 2013


Filmed at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Australia on March 1, 2013. Subscribe for more videos:

00:00:00 Lars Intro
00:03:03 Hit the Lights
00:06:56 Master of Puppets
00:15:08 The Four Horsemen
00:20:30 Harvester of Sorrow
00:26:38 Guitar Doodle
00:28:01 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
00:35:11 Leper Messiah
00:41:06 My Friend of Misery
00:50:35 Sad But True
00:56:08 Bass Doodle
00:57:36 Fade to Black
01:05:18 All Nightmare Long
01:13:14 One
01:21:40 For Whom the Bell Tolls
01:26:28 Blackened
01:32:35 Guitar Doodle #2
01:34:40 Nothing Else Matters
01:40:31 Enter Sandman
01:50:26 Creeping Death
01:58:00 Damage, Inc.
02:04:13 Seek & Destroy

Audio Mixed by Jim Monti & Greg Fidelman
Audio Recorded by Mike Gillies
Tour Video Director: Marcia Kapustin
Video Edited by Brett Murray
Thumbnail features artwork by Tony Squindo

Special Thanx to Jeff Yeager & Kent Matcke

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