Metallica: Live in Manchester, England – June 18, 2019


Filmed at Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England on June 18, 2019. Subscribe for more videos:

00:00:00 Robert Intro
00:02:12 Hardwired
00:06:08 The Memory Remains
00:12:06 Disposable Heroes
00:20:09 The God That Failed
00:25:34 The Unforgiven
00:33:55 Here Comes Revenge
00:42:49 Moth Into Flame
00:50:57 Sad But True
00:57:29 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
01:06:23 Rob & Kirk’s Doodle
01:13:25 St. Anger
01:20:03 One
01:28:43 Master of Puppets
01:39:00 For Whom the Bell Tolls
01:44:06 Creeping Death
01:51:38 Seek & Destroy
02:02:23 Lords of Summer
02:10:22 Nothing Else Matters
02:17:10 Enter Sandman

Tour Video Director: Gene McAuliffe
Edited by Brett Murray
Additional Footage Filmed by James Serpico
Audio Mixed by Geoff Neal & Greg Fidelman
Audio Recorded by Jason Gossman

Special Thanx to Jeff Yeager & Kent Matcke

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