Metallica – HardwiredTo Self Destruct (2016) – Full Album


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Hardwired… to Self-Destruct is the tenth studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica, released as a double album on November 18, 2016 by their vanity label Blackened Recordings. It is their first studio album in eight years following Death Magnetic (2008),

► Tracklist

● Disco 1

● 1. Hardwired 0:00
● 2. Atlas, Rise! 3:09
● 3. Now That We’re Dead 9:38
● 4. Moth into Flame 16:37
● 5. Dream No More 22:27
● 6. Halo on Fire 28:57

● Disco 2

● 7. Confusion 37:12
● 8. ManUNkind 43:53
● 9. Here Comes Revenge 50:49
● 10. Am I Savage? 58:07
● 11. Murder One 1:04:37
● 12. Spit Out the Bone 1:10:20


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  • This is how a mature album of an old school great metal band should sound. Is it a coincidence that is Metallica?

  • I think they should play this whole CD live it's really good

  • Never heard this album before now! I'm getting 'Master of Puppets' and 'Justice' maybe Ride the lighting?

  • I love anything from Metallica, this album is very reminiscent of their early stuff with more crunch, lovein it. Metallica rocks 4 eva

  • Learned it years ago now. May add my complete recommendation. Returning to a more traditional metallica rock feel. I was totally blown awy and elated learning vocals and drums

  • They are what they are; what they always should be: amazing makers of heavy ART!!!

  • I never knew this came out. I like Metallica but after listening to Dystopia from Megadeth a whole bunch, I think this album sounds lame. Too polished. No grit. Great for those looking to be cool and say they listen to Metallica but it is lacking heart. Sounded like they were just going through the motions to me.

  • If you can't hear that this is their best album in 25 years … you're deaf

  • I've been listening to Metallica since 1986/15-years old, when Master of Puppets came out, but, only the early stuff, mostly the first four albums. Until just a few days ago, I had not heard any of the newer albums, (except the Black album and singles played on the radio), so decided to listen to every Metallica studio album, from beginning to end (which I'm doing with some other bands, as well), in succession. I have to admit, that, I have genuine not been able to stand anything following And Justice for All! Ughhh… it all just sounds like noise to me, compared to the first four albums, which really hit hard, but were so beautiful as well. I really cannot stand Hammett's toned down, grunge-sounding guitar, and Hetfileld's voice even grates on my head in the newer albums. I think it's though it sounds like he's trying way too hard or something.Every song sounds just like the last to me. So, call me a closed – minded old fart who only appreciates the "old stuff", but, hey, at least I've given it all a listen and chance!

  • Really bad album. Nothing good after And Justice for All…. unbelievable.

  • This isn't bad. Death Magnetic was not that great. If you want a badass album listen to Megadeth Dystopia. That album surprised me at how awesome it was!

  • i like there 80s stuff but after that they just put out way to many shitty albums.

  • The bass guitar is almost as inaudible as on the Justice album. Seems like Hetfield and Ulrich are still allergic to bass guitars.
    Why does this band even have a bass player when here is hardly ever heard?

  • cliff was great, Jason did an excellent job too. Their longest serving bassist (Rob) also does a good job. The sound of the bass on 'now that we're dead' is epic! gets too much grief… okay he looks like he's taking a dump when playing sometimes, but we can all overlook this, can't we?

  • I saw Ride The Lightning at Cardis off Westheimer in Houston Texas M aster Of Puppets In The Summit l saw MuSTAINE at the Cow Palace PEACE SELLS I HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS WHEN IT COMES TO METAL EXODUS ETC BEST METALLICA ALBUMIN YEARS

  • Guys… I uhh… wanted to be disappointed in this. it’s by far the best they’ve done since Cliff passed. It’s no Ride The Lightning but at least they turned the bass amp on for the first time…
    good lyrics and actual (relative) vocal diversity. It took 42 minutes before a wah pedal was heard… we are living in strange times, people…
    I’m impressed.

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