METALLICA – Full Show Live from The House of Vans, London – 18 November 2016



Breadfan 00:12
The Four Horsemen 04:20
Battery 09:29
Sad But True 14:58
Fade to Black 24:03
Atlas, Rise! 32:25
Harvester of Sorrow 39:27
Moth Into Flame 47:00
One 53:50
Master of Puppets 01:01:55
For Whom the Bell Tolls 01:10:30
Enter Sandman 01:15:40

Whiskey in the Jar 01:26:05
Hardwired 01:32:20
Seek & Destroy 01:36:58

Kirk Birthday 01:43:20


November 18th – the release day eight years in the making!! And what better way to celebrate than a live show for Fifth Members and winners who register via the House of Vans site at the very intimate and exclusive London House of Vans!
Fifth Members may enter for a chance to win two tickets here and all fans may enter for a shot at tickets at starting at 10:00 AM today. All the lucky winners will be asked to make a £20 donation at the door to benefit The Railway Children, who assist children who live alone and at risk on the streets in the UK, India and East Africa. For more information, please visit

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  • The 1st time I saw Matallica they opened with Breadfan it was badass.

  • James is like how come these foos ain't moshing…in the break of harvester of sorrow.

  • its getting filmed.. why do they have to record with their mobile to… lame!

  • Listening to this whilst finding out school is cancelled because of Coronavirus

  • I was at this gig it was insane such a small venue and massive sound

  • Having a trip down memory lane and watching this. Very fortunate to have gotten an invite to this show! To see your lifelong heroes up this close and personal is something I’ll never forget!!

  • That last solo is so mustaine it’s not even funny. Kirk didn’t write that

  • I thought it was the Cavern Club for a second….

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