Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls (Remixed and Remastered)


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  • kinda dislike how high pitched the bass is at the beginning during that lead distorted riff. makes it less heavy. i do appreciate the added distortion tho. reminds me of how cliff played it live. the drums don't have the same impact throughout the whole song tho. very drowned out by everything else and muddy.

  • It would’ve been better if it wasn’t slowed and tuned down

  • I can’t tell if you actually changed the tempo or if it’s just so heavy

  • Holy shit Cliff sounds fucking massive in this version. And oh man don't get me started on the intro.

  • The bassline of this song is amazing and marries amazingly with the drums. Glad you turned it up. I love the guitar tones, very frosty like the RTL tone but more sofisticated

  • The Hour Horsemen, Seek and Destroy, For Whom the Bell Tols, Fade to Black, Creeping Death, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Orion – это произведения искусства американской хеви-треш-метал группы Metallica.
    Композиция звучит безподобно прекрасно ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • I wish someone could take James' vocals from the Live Shit 1989 show and put it over this and it would be perfection

  • Cliff 'Em All:

    Cliff the Lights
    The Four Burtons
    Jump in the Burton
    Anesthesia (Cliffing Teeth)
    Phantom Cliff
    No Cliffmorse
    Cliff and Destroy
    Cliff Militia

    Cliff the Lightning:
    Fight Cliff with Cliff
    Ride the Cliffling
    For Whom the Cliff Tolls
    Fade to Cliff
    Trapped Under Cliff
    Cliffing Death
    The Call of Clifftulu

    Master Of Burtons:
    Master of Burtons
    The Cliff That Should Not Be
    Welcome Cliff (Cliffitarium)
    Disposable Burtons
    Burton Messiah
    Burton (instrumental)
    Burton, inc


  • Other than that, they are & they'll always be known as of being the Lords of THRASH METAL!!!!

  • The sounds are a bit more wicked, but they needed a difference!
    But on the other hand, this & the RIDE THE LIGHTNING is one of their greatest!!
    Their greatest, I believe, that would be AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!

  • I can hear that bass crying, Im sad now.

  • It sounds great, amazing, but you messed it up when you decided to change the original tuning!!!! =(

  • It's interesting sounding, to me though it loses the ratty sound of the original mix and it feels more flabby. Take for example the bass riff at the 1 minute mark, in the original the bass was lower in the mix but the tone on the bass wasn't as fuzzy as the guitar and due to the contrast of tones, it stood out from the guitars. In this version the bass tone is way more close to the rhythm guitars (this could also be an artifact of the pitch shifting) and is as loud as the guitars, so the low mids of the guitars start to clash with the bass and it sounds more muddy and less defined. When the bass isn't mirroring the guitar the tone sounds cool, but it should be dialed back when it doubles the guitar. For me it's little details like that which make the difference between a good mix to a really awesome mix

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