Metallica – Dortmund, Germany [1990.05.17] Full T.V. Broadcast


Band name: Metallica
Date: May 17, 1990
Venue: Westfalenhalle 1
Location: Dortmund, Germany
Tour name: Tour 1990

Track listing:
00:00 Lars Interview #1
01:55 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
03:55 Lars Interview #2
05:40 For Whom the Bell Tolls
08:00 Lars Interview #3
10:10 Harvester of Sorrow
12:08 Lars Interview #4
15:54 Harvester of Sorrow (Continued)
17:42 Lars Interview #5
19:51 Harvester of Sorrow (Continued)

Notes and comments:
New master upgrade! Live clips in between an interview with Lars for the German TV show “Hard N Heavy”.


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  • Looks like lars is using a white tama kit rather than the justice grey kit. Maybe a prototype of his black album kit?

  • Before Bob Rock got a hold of them and mellowed out their sound and had James SING instead of scream.

  • ON the USA 1988 Monsters of Rock tour…people were saying OMG how can a band like Dokken come on after Metallica? WHAT ARE YOU STUPID??? Listen…LISTEN to the album Dokken was promoting on tha tour…it was BACK FOR THE ATTACK….that album is HEAVY AS FUCK and while i love Kirk….who in their right mind is going to put down GEIRGE LYNCH??? I do not get how people think sometimes…go listen to DOKKEN "When Heaven Comes Down" or KISS OF DEATH….Dokken was a HEAVY band….people judge shit on what?? Make up??? GIVE ME A BREAK…it is about MUSIC IS IT NOT???

  • This was the cool ting about venues in Euro in the 80's you see it here as you did with KISS on the Lick it Up and Animalize tour. The venues in Euro were much smaller as you see Lady Justice can't be fit in so look at the stage set…it looks more like playing on the steps of Parliament and also looks very Planet of the Apes which is really cool. Also the energy of the band and sound is very intense like a theater show. Now please listen to the interview because what is being said is very important. Lars is learning something VERY important. What ALWAYS ….the ONLY thing that turned me off about Metallica was them putting down other bands. He gives this confused look like "Wow people are coming to our shows now with Poison shirts and I say WHY NOT?? ANYONE who judges a person and their strength as a person on the basis of the music they listen to is an IDIOT because WE ALL know the way Metallia went after this tour do we not?? in 1990 when this was filmed my fave bands are the same except for a few new bands. They are KISS, STRYPER, THIS Metallica, WASP, Lita Ford, Sabbath Dio, Morbid Angel, Death, Testament…THE KILLER DWARFS, LOudness, TNT….see…why canpt I love Poison AND Metallica? Why do I have to choose? QUeensryche is BRILLIANT and the tour package of Queensryche Mindcrime tour and Metallica Justice tour was AMAZING….also listen to both of those albums and look at the world in the USA…with this Pandemic and the rich corporations being bailed out and not working famalies??? We are closer now to Revelution and because Justice is all fucked up in the USA…both albums tie into each other. What happened to Metallca in 1996 and 1997?? They became more pussy than Poison ever where…Metallica became eeryting they said they were against. At the end of the day MUSIC IS MUSIC….if you are more of a man because you listen to Slayer…you are only fooling yourself. I am a TRANNY…YUP I get in my leather and boots and go to shows looking like the hottest metal bitch you have ever seen …and I am a dude and I LOVE LOVE WATAIN and WATAN are my friends….think about that? The most SATANIC metal band since forever accepts a transgurl like me…Bottom line if you base how tough a person is because of the music style they listen to???? Then YOU are a flat out fool

  • sad that we cant understand the lars interview due to the german overdub
    edit: someone from germany should talk with that tv station and ask for the concert footage, or i dont know if maybe metallica have it

  • Great songs selection. I wish I was better in German, because the interview with Lars is interesting, but mostly translated .

  • Don't think I've seen a 1990 concert before. I think they just started the Black Album production around this time. Who's the interviewer chick though?

  • My second Metallica concert! Metallica at its absolute peak live! So powerfull and agressive!

  • Круте інтерв'ю як і концерт жаль що щас немає з ними ньюстеда

  • Finally a proper vid shoot from 1990 haha

  • always welcome Welcome Home (Sanitarium) , and more


    what a treat, even if just snippets

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