Metallica – Death Magnetic [Full Album | HQ]


[0:00] “That was just your life”
[7:07] “End Of The Line”
[15:00] “Broken Beat and Scarred”
[21:26] “The Day That Never Comes”
[29:22] “All Nightmare Long”
[37:21] “Cyanide”
[44:01] “The Unforgiven III”
[51:47] “Judas Kiss”
[59:48] “Suicide And Redemption”
[1:09:46] “My Apocalypse”


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  • So who is responsive for destroying this album by bringing all the dynamics to nothing? Lars again? Producers? Record company executives?

  • I Actually Prefer Death Magnetic To Hardwired… to Self-Destruct Even Though Death Magnetics Production Was A Let Down I Just Think it’s Much Better Than Hardwired… to Self-Destruct

  • The Judas Kiss too fucking good man

  • I'll never forget seeing this live in St. Louis. For my 17th birthday. Best night of my life aside from my son's birth. Every time i hear a song that was played at the concert i get chills and can't resist headbanging atleast a little

  • La puta rehostia de álbum, ¿Por qué nadie me dijo que habían vuelto a las andadas? Ya me tardé en oírle lo nuevo de ellos, pero bueno, mejor tarde que nunca XD

  • Papa Het' s down picking…..OMG!!!!
    Brilliant album

  • It is so very hard not to just start headbanging to this music.

  • Kirk's solo work in this album is even worse than all his other stuff. He reached his peak on MOP, after that he's never created anything past a pentonic scale. Such a shame this band never had a tasty lead player……..oh hang on, they did when DM was in the band.

  • Przykład bezmyślności w posługiwaniu się limiterem. Całkowity brak dynamiki dźwięku. Nie da się słuchać

  • Im my humble opinion all nightmare long is the best song metallica ever produced… its like putting the best metallica songs in a blender and mixing everything up…. amazing…. you can hear one, battery, fuel, the day that never comes, for whom the bell tolls and many more on this one here

    Metallica fans around the world…. hello from Brasil

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