Jimi Hendrix – "Izabella" with Eddie Kramer


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Music video by Jimi Hendrix performing ‘Izabella’ with Eddie Kramer. (C) 2013 Experience Hendrix L.L.C., under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment


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  • Everyone always talks about Jimmy's lead playing. But his rhythm was astounding.

  • Sounds like two guitars to me, but I know it's only one, the one and only, Jimi Hendrix!

  • Holy sh8 ! 0:18 Are you telling me THAT is recorded from Woodstock? Sounds like studio to me, and it's EPIC funk!!

  • Shows the direction he was going This Dolly Dagger and Night bird Flying are my faves

  • The First Rays album is one of, if not, my favorite Hendrix album. I have had fans tell me I am not a "Real" fan because of this. Yet, outside of those folks, people think I am the hugest fan. The First Rays album shows where Jimi was going. It sounds like music from outer space, from the future. And since the first time I heard it in the 90s, time and space has still not caught up to it. How far from in the future is it? Only time will tell. But as far as I can tell we will never catch up to this time in out life time or our children's children.
    The version of Izabella on that album will never be topped. Kramer took those tracks exactly where they needed to go. They will never release a song we have never heard. We have heard them all now. So I wish they would just release everything they have. What would Jimi do? What WOULD Jimi DO? He would give the fans what they want. Release it all.
    Get Kramer in the studio with all the multi tracks. Bring in Winwood on the keys. Get Kravitz horn section. Have some fun. That's what Jimi would do.

  • Shoutout to Gerry Sack, the triangle player on a Jimi Hendrix song aka the most underappreciated contribution of all time.

  • This Jimi Hendrix estate is completely ruining the name and Legacy of Jimi Hendrix by continuously removing all of the songs off of YouTube and forcing people to have to buy it there making jimi become irrelevant slowly but surely they have no sense of the business World in this day and age and how accessibility equals preservation of legacy popularity and sales, so good job Jimi Hendrix estate for slowly erasing the history and wonderous greatness of the legend Jimi Hendrix. How is a newer generation a younger generation supposed to get into and learn about him if they don't have the accessibility first. people don't buy an album without knowing who the hell they're buying it's a goddamn shame can I can barely even find Purple Haze on here anymore.

  • Girl at 1:06. She knows it, oh yes indeed she definitely knows whats about to go down

  • Hendrix is so flipping tasty!

  • Yo Ed. Can Ya STFU and just play the Woodstock version.You and his family are completely fucking up his legacy,you money grubbing buffoons

  • Any Hendrix fans…Check out the live cover Phish does of this tune. Siiiiick.

  • this is kool to hear larry lee on guitar with jimi .i wish there was more of this kinda stuff.i really dig the line up jimi had here.

  • What album is that version of Izabella from?

  • Hendrix is a continuous source of infinite inspiration for me, there is no end to the depth of his playing 

  • funny, the woodstock version literally blows the studio version away.
    so much more soul and rhythm in the woodstock version.

  • Hendrix was a god and nobody will ever match him but I don't rate Kramer as a good sound engineer the bass always sounded thin and the drums sounded like tin pots I think the sound has to be remastered/engineered Hendrix legendary self was hindered by Kramers piss poor quality of work it had to be said I am sorry

  • That solo is like…oh yeah, that's nothing special…THEN…BANG…ok, you got me.

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