Chris Young – Think of You ft. Cassadee Pope (Official Video)


Check out the official music video for “Think Of You” by Chris Young ft. Cassadee Pope

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  • This sounds just like "I need you now", country music really is all the same

  • How 2019 was perfect and those memories nobody can erase and 2020 came &destroyed everything

  • I love you babe your my biggest inspiration babe I can't wait till our wedding day babe I can't wait till we're making love to each other all night long babe I love you my sexy husband love your wife

  • This song is so good but for me it's so heartbreaking. My ex fiance abandoned me about 5 years ago. We were so in love (or so I thought, and he acted like) and then poof, gone without so much as a goodbye. If that wasn't hard enough he also abandoned one of our friends (well actually he left a couple as well as his family and my nieces) that severely mentally handicapped and for like a month our friend would ask me almost every day "where's Casey? When he come back?" Because Casey was such a coward I had to be the one to tell our friends (although looking back I realize that WAS my fault, I should've just stood up to him and told him to quit being such an asshole) and it broke my heart and made me extremely bitter towards him. It still hurts like hell and pisses me off. This song really resonates with me because I know they really liked us (as did I) as a couple and since most of them were mentally handicapped they didn't understand why Casey left. This song is so awesome but it reminds me of that so I don't listen to it often.

  • I've never known any friends that would be that intrusive and apathetic as to make friends feel uncomfortable after a breakup

  • It’s a heck of a long time for them country singers eh

  • This was my and my husband song everyone wanted what we did have but now ppl asking what happened to yall and everyone wish would we had Everytime I here this song I think of us And what happened to us

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