Bob Dylan – I Contain Multitudes (Official Audio)


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  • 'I go right where all things lost are made good again', Bob's your uncle. Glad to be alive in the same era he describes… Roll on, Bob!

  • New Mexico's Governor Invokes Riot Control Act As Protests Spread Across Country & Globe @

  • Robert Zimmerman, Bob Dylan, and the rest of the "Multitudes" you contain, I love you.

  • Ok 2 great songs from Dylan in one month! I Getting me through lockdown together with my Wife,cooking ,decorating and listening to “elbow “
    Strange days indeed

  • Keep on keeping on… and keep them coming on too Mr Dylan xxx

  • It's always so remunerative whenever I pay attention to what this master minstrel poet has to say & play.
    Everything he cares to share with us is so valuable (except for those shallow pop classics he finds formally
    interesting but which I find too smooth by half and less tasty than a bowl of warm yogurt. His better fit is to
    interpret existence, not Tin Pan Alley.) His unique creations are the gifts we need.

    "This new one, did you know, is entitled with one of Walt Whitman's most famous lines. But unlike that pulpit
    poet, for a half century (!) Dylan has declined to be preacher or teacher and rolls more like a zen troubadour. He
    preaches & teaches by singing, by revealing; by being. (Read Archibald MacLeish's "Ars Poetica" for more on
    Dylan's aesthetic.) His curmudgeon compassion presents us here with multiple personas, like Whitman, so
    inclusively and diversely that we feel the fullness of his figure in the Gestalt ground, we listen & learn again
    that All is One — and one is only human. He doesn't say so, he is so.

    "What a finely woven tapestry his current cloak of tetrameric couplets is. More a contemplation of memories
    with background humming than an orchestrated production. He shares his reflections in a sad but certain voice
    that sounds like it's just you & him, the two of you sitting close to a dying fire on a starry night in silent woods,
    sharing a doozie. He doesn't opine on Trump or Covid, doesn't support Biden or truth, doesn't point to where
    it's at. Such specific viewpoints just aren't as significant as his vision, his laconic anti-iconic sharing of his
    multitudinous soul. Wistful as a Bodhisattva.

    "While waiting for his next dispatch, be extra good to yourself in these dark times. Listen again to his last
    masterwork, Tempest. It just gets better and more important. It's equal to the one Shakespeare wrote,"

    This breathless verbiage supplied by Paul Jay Robbins

  • Simply THE KING OF TUNE AND WORDS that resoundingly some how gave me hope in this very odd place called the world. PEACE.

  • I have loved Bob Dylan since I was 14…. 1967. I lived in South Africa back then and used to play his songs on guitar at boarding school… Fast forward to U.S.A. where I am currently living. I saw him perform live in Baton Rouge a few years ago… me 60 something and him 70 something 🙂 What an amazing performance!!! I have a small collection of first edition books with lyrics… I want him to go on forever.. I know he will 🙂

  • This sounds like he recorded this arround the same time he recorded murder most foul

  • I love this new song. It s very Dylan in phrasing and references. Which is simplistic but what else to say while listening to Dylan be so back to basics and make it still so profound.
    Definitely a song for the fans to dig.
    And something for those who just don't get it too. Pity for them! Dylan sits on Olympus and has discourse with the Gods!

  • Le canzoni di Bob Dylan mi emozionavano da bambina e a 61 anni mi fanno sempre lo stesso effetto! Grandioso!

  • yet another New Classic from Bob, thank you for all the years have kept me going through some real Hard Times

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