Alanis Morissette – Reasons I Drink (Official Video)


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Directed by Erin Elders
Executive Produced by Steve Farr / Purple Onion
Produced by Raub Shapiro
Director of Photography: Jeff Tomcho

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these are the reasons I drink
the reasons I tell everybody I’m fine even though I am not

these are the reasons I overdo it
I have been working since I can remember since I was single digits

And now even though I’ve been busted
I don’t where to draw the line ‘cause the groove has gotten so deep

And nothing can give reprieve like they do
Nothing can give a break for this soldier like they do

Here we are
i feel such rapture and the comfort is so strong Ohhhh
one more hit
it feels so helpful in my need for respite
Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh

And here are the reasons I eat
Reasons I feel everything so deeply when I’m not medicated

So that’s it I am buying a lamborghini
to make up for these habits to survive this sick industry

And nothing can give reprieve like they do
Nothing can give me a break from this torture like they do

Here we are
i feel such rapture and the comfort is so strong Ohhhh
one more sip
It feels so helpful in my need for some long overdue respite
Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh

these are the reasons I don’t even think I would quit
These are the reasons I can’t even see straight
And these are the ones whom I know it so deeply affects
and I am left wondering how I would I function without it

Here we are
i feel such rapture and the comfort is so strong Ohhhh
one more rip
I go from one lilypad to another to stay lit ohhhhhh
Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh

#AlanisMorissette #ReasonsIDrink #SuchPrettyForksInTheRoad


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  • Crying so hard because I identify with so much of this. Thank You Alanis for voicing your truth, inspiring me and my sisters who’ve been listening to you since we can remember, and everything you are and do. I feel so much better now I’ve heard this.

  • Like 10m others, i had JLP back in the day. In fact i think i had her first 2 cds. Today is the day i rediscovered her. Just listened to another new song before, i think about her depression

  • She should find more positive things to sing about. Especially now when people need to be uplifted. It doesn't always have to be about her pain. Does she have any joy in her life???

  • She's definitely still going strong! Very glad to hear from her again and this is so good!

  • Alanis is amazing, I'm so happy to see her back. Just wow, we love you Princess never give up you inspire us all God bless you.

  • Many people think of themselves as the voice of a generation, very few actually are.
    Alanis is as relatable in my late thirties as in my teenage years.
    Thank you for the music.

  • You are such a great artist. Thank you for this beautiful song.

  • I keep on telling myself "from off monday i'm going sober" and then comes wednesday and it Starts all over again till sunday night…maybe this song will help me out a bit…

  • Not as deep as ur others but I’m there with you in this song… I’m sitting next to you in the meeting

  • Pure genius, and I still love this women's music

  • Is she auto-tuned? If so, it's not what I think of when I think Alanis

  • On the off chance Alanis will see my comment, this is a great example of why I love your style, please keep making music ❤

  • I’ve wanted to marry this woman since I was about 9 yrs old lol.. Beautiful mind, body & soul. Forever going down in my history as favorite female voice and top tear writer..

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