6 More Metallica Ballads on Classical Guitar – Medley


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Fight Fire With Fire 0:00
The Day That Never Comes 0:45
Hero of the Day 2:22
The Call of Ktulu 3:04
To Live Is To Die 4:50
The Unforgiven 6:18

All songs written by Metallica
Arrangement by Charles Alexander Allred
Guitar built by Mariano Tezanos (cedar/rosewood)

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This medley is kind of a sequel to first one I made, which had a response unlike any I’ve experienced in 20 years of playing music. I was truly touched by all the love; thank you to everyone who was involved in that 🙂

For this one I incorporated the most mentioned songs that were “left out” of the first medley. Actually, I remember working on the first one and deciding that it would be anchored by “nothing else matters,” while at the same time thinking that if I ever did another one of these it had to be anchored by “the unforgiven.” I also put in a lot more effort into arranging the songs. Coming up with the parts to these great songs was really fun but practicing them became pretty difficult.

So this is a true story: I was having trouble recording this, and I was getting a little frustrated. On a whim I decided to try recording while watching/listening to tv, because I tend to do that while practicing sometimes (a lot). It relaxed me just enough to get this take on the first try, which felt as good as I can do. The show was The Walking Dead season 6 episode 1.

I dedicated the first Metallica Medley to my wife, but I love her even more now than I did back then, so It only makes sense to dedicate this one to her as well. I love you my angel!!! She has started posting piano arrangements and has an incredible version of the unforgiven at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tACUbh6TM7I
The run I added at 9:07 was copying what she did there 🙂


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  • Lucky you are so talented else you would've got a down vote from me cause of that shirt 😉 Very talented buddy.

  • Schöne Metallica- Melodien wunderbar auf Wandergitarre gespielt, ich bin total beeindruckt und habe Gänsehaut.
    Sehr sehr gut
    5 Sterne dafür

  • Can't say I have any interest in this music, but I know the work of the Tezanos family well, and you have a FANTASTIC instrument there.

  • thanks, this was beautiful to listen to. It always bothered me from the San Diego gig when James apologises to the crowd for playing The Unforgiven as is playing acoustic music is something shameful. I think all top metals band have great acoustic compositions or passages of music (from Zep and Sabbath to Maiden and Pantera), and that shows that there is depth in their art, nothing to be ashamed of.

  • wow….soo amazing…i am blown by the way you have played 'unforgiven' especially !!

  • Thank you Sir, to accompany my working time. Even today is a holiday in my country.

  • Great video , You should definitely do some Megadeth ballads on a classical guitar

  • Fake tattoos & a towel between you & your guitar. What you need is a big mask on you guitar to keep you safe lol. Just teasing good video. I remember learning all these songs as a little kid. Brought back a lot of memories. Good video

  • Hello Sir,
    What is the make & model of your guitar.
    Sounds great

  • I want to turn your video into my phone ringtone. I’dprobably never answer any of my phone calls though …

  • nice guitar pIlay. i'm not subscribing because i'm already subbing to too many channels.
    I appreciate your music bro. 🙂

  • oooooooooh I watched them drunk in succession and you put a lot of hard ones in one shot here. bless your balls for the effort sir.

  • ok, Im doing it ….. the big white elephant in the middle of the room: tattoo sleeve!

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