Happy Mothers Day – Humor

Ok…Funny time🤣🤣🤣🤣❣ – Wiggles

Author: Wiggles

(Cue: Star Trek Theme) Rock The Pulse: The best Club on all Big Fish apps. This is the Strategist, Wiggles. My ongoing mission: Dedicated to seeking out patterns, and new strategies....To Boldy go where no player has gone before . . . .LOL Humor aside - I am "General of the Worgucks" and as such, I observe, take note and I WILL come down on ANYONE who posts anything negative or threatening. Whether from outside folks or internal. I will NOT tolerate harassment of my family, in anyway, shape or form. Bullying will NOT be tolerated by me. I will either advise to be cut, or immediately cut, any member, don't care who it is. I will not tolerate any high school drama B.S. I survived from a all girls Catholic High School, so therefore.....Been there, done that...Do not need to re-live it!! I am fair...I have a long fuse....you push me to the point of blowing up...or you will reap the whirlwind. I speak my mind, I do NOT sugar coat my actions - I will apolgize if I am proven wrong. Being a "Cast Iron Bitch" takes years of practice, so don't make me use that talent. Ever. Have fun! That is what we are here for!

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