TobyMac – The Elements (Official Music Video)


Official music video for “The Elements” by TobyMac, from the album THE ELEMENTS.
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I lace the boots up
It’s straight to the door
‘Cause this is worth fighting for
I get my head right
The heart’s gotta follow
Whisper a prayer like there ain’t no tomorrow
Take a breath, and I exhale slow
I wasn’t made for this kind of cold
This ain’t the kinda place that you wanna know
These are the elements I’m telling you bro
This world is up in my grill
This world is shooting to kill
This world always gotta be stealing my heart
This world always tryin’ to rip my family apart

I’ll fight the elements
I’ll fight the elements
I got spirit, I got faith
I might bend, but I won’t break
I’ll fight the elements

And I’mma go down swinging
If I go down
I’mma go down swinging
If I go down
I’mma go down swinging
If I go down
I’mma go down swinging
If I go down

This ain’t our home
Nah, not even close
They camouflage like we fighting some ghosts
You start to doubt everything that you know
I feel the heat, and it’s starting to show
They try to break us, break us
Make us wanna give in
Lay down our arms
Novocain us again
Lay down a fight
I could never relent
And I’mma take it all the way to the end

Father God let me see it for what it is
This ain’t neutral we’re up against
These elements push me to the fence
And then I end up on top of it
If I’m not careful

To recognize what is pushing in
Open my eyes to these elements
Stand up and rise to these elements
I’m willing to fight, willing to fight
The elements

Music video by TobyMac performing The Elements. © 2018 F.L. Inc., under exclusive license to Capitol Christian Music Group, Inc.


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  • Every one of us is facing the elements… things that are trying to keep us from being who we want to be or who we are called to be… the friend we want to be, the sibling we want to be, the spouse we want to be, the parent we want to be, the person of community we want to be, and ultimately the believer we want to be… Facing these elements that are trying to stumble us or change our course is what we must be aware of, what we must fight daily. This crazy world comes hard against us. It makes us want to look after ourselves, not others. It makes us want to retreat, not step into calling. We have to wake up every morning with a steadfast resolve to fight the elements.

  • This is worth fighting for

    Im willing to fight


    Thank you essential workers!!

  • Wow!! I needed this today! By God's grace I will stand, but if I go down "Imma go down swinging", then in God's strength get up and at it again.

  • This world is shooting to kill Ill find the elements i got spirit ~ ill go find the elements~

  • I know what you mean.The world has ripped my family apart. Satin stole my heart from me.I ended up in foster care.My dads in jail and my mom had mental illness since forteen.We love you.-10 year old Clara Rosales-Lane

  • When I first heard I thought he said ¨I´ll fight the elephants¨!!

  • Has anyone noticed that HE IS ON TOUR?!!!!!

  • this song is worth fighting for i love this song its my fav sond ever!!!!!!!!!

  • God's using your music for his great plans! Thank you! It's helped me today to keep believing good changes can happen.

  • OK I'M OFFICIALLY A FAN. Loved DC Talk but this is light years beyond now.

  • whose her cuz they needed sum uplifting music in this struggle through the covid19. Like if you are.

  • Love you Mr. Mckeehan bless you in these harsh times as we all fight the elements together and please check out Swedenborg and Life on Youtube

  • I all ready heard this song 10 times today. I love this song

  • Don't stay on one website for too long. Don't make any mistakes. Check.

  • The elements rn are sexual sin rn for me. It’s really hard. Plzz pray for me

  • I love this song and really gives off some awesome death stranding vibes. I love it!

  • We love TobyMac!
    Christians need to know this: The devil is a liar! They blamed COPPA for capping our kids song "For the Sake of Your Name" before, NOW this Psalm 31 song is "shocking content"?! Well "no matter what I go Through I'll trust in You" as the bridge says! I'm asking everyone to share this story and link of the video. Not a fun email to get first thing Palm Sunday but He's going to work it out to our good in Jesus' Name! Love y'all!

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