Speaker Knockerz – Rico Story (Trilogy)


Rico Story – Recorded & Produced By Speaker Knockerz

Download the official audio here! http://amzn.to/2bppcer

Download: http://goo.gl/PrRV0
BOOKING: 803-450-0804



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  • Moral of the story: Don’t trust Women

  • Just imagine the day i decided to start being mean to the people who keep trying to bully me. Now that is a scary day. Like oh you don't like me. That's ku bro. I don't like you either. If you think this shit doesn't happen in real life. Just ask my old coworker BEN THE OG of the bloods. Ask him why he spent 16 years in prison.

  • It’s been 7 fucking years man…

  • To eveyone hating on this kid imagine music is your son or daughters passion and they are doing all they know to try to what they love to follow their dreams and out of nowhere tragedy strikes and they pass away from something. Then you got people online trashing your kids work how would you feel. So please stop down talking this kid i say kid im 40 and i see what the young man was trying to do. Like tupac or 2pac however you choose to spell it i say tupac bc thats the mans name not the marketing plan they used to push tupac any way like he said " you dont have to bump this but please respect it." Meaning it took time to come up the concept to write the concept then to make the beat then to record everything im sure he messed up a few times and had to pick up from a certain line and rerecord then to the posting of the song after editing and reediting and then boom you have rico story so he did his work to have this song on ease up off lil buddy and pray for his mom and fam thanks rip young cat ur missed

  • Rip reco and Pedro this is my fav song love you redo and predro

  • On this day, 7 years ago this amazing song was released

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