Stoned on Cough Syrup

Day 18: Happy #Glampocalypse!

Still sick as hell with bronchitis/pneumonia but 🚫 COVID-19. Weathering this weird doomsday pandemic with my fantastic hubby, several good streaming services, lots of bleach & alcohol wipes, and strict social distancing. I am trying to be extremely diligent in taking my meds (Tessalon Perles for cough, Prednisone, Singulair, Loratidine, DayQuil Flu/NyQuil Flu and Zithromax, Mucinex DM). I’m not even on any fun ones and yet I feel high as a kite 24 hours a day. I know the meds are working bc my symptoms are awful when I’m due for the next dose of everything! But for SOME reason it feels like every time I yawn my head might float off of my shoulders like a helium balloon on a string and soar up into the atmosphere. Yep. Stoned out of my gourd.

Yesterday we ventured out to stock up on a few more supplies from the grocery store and were met by a very bizarre, ragtag, almost comical cast of characters and situations that I SWEAR have just got to be the plotline of a some new Netflix series. It was just too good. Too interesting. Did a few extra kind deeds in my MAGA hat (reppin the POTUS with respect, kindness and faith!). That’s right peeps, I coughed into my elbow, cleaned/disinfected my own cart upon arrival AND departure, and tried to cheer people up with my slightly-awkward-but-very satisfying-dance-moves in aisle 19.

It IS strange though. I used to love those Black Rifle Coffee Company commercials that talked about the Puscification of America… But THIS…. THIS PANDEMIC… THIS exact scenario is the ONLY kind #GLAMpocalypse that the preceding millennium of TV & cinema (Walking Dead, Contagion, iZombie, The Strain, Z Nation, Doomsday Preppers, Hoarders, I Am Legend, World War Z, Extreme Couponing and, yes even.. The Apprentice!!). .. actually DID prepare us for! Its AMAZING. I mean ferreal, are you kidding me? We needed THAT so we would be capable of STAYING HOME to let this virus die off instead of continuing to spread and infect. Wow…. Talk about “everything happening for a reason.”

I feel like if aliens ARE out there… EARTH is currently a binge-watch-GLAMpocalypse-doomsday-epic series they are STOKED to get through all 5 billion years of. 🤣🤣🤣

On a great note. My house is VERY clean and we are stocked, organized, and rested. Just finished rewatching seasons 4&5 of iZombie and now we’re moving on to the Netflix docuseries Tiger King. Below is the ever-evolving list of most amazing binges for the #Glampocalypse, if anyone needs something to distract their endless hours of home quarantine. Feel free to add to the list in the comments section if you have an UNBELIEVABLE series or movie that you think we should watch and comment on. All I can say is, iZombie is one of the most incredibly well written multi-season doomsday comedies there is. DEFINITELY worth watching all seasons and never boring throughout. List is in no apparent order. Just a bunch of good shit!


  1. Futureman (Hulu) – 2 seasons COMEDY
  2. iZombie (Netflix) – 5 seasons COM-DRAM
  3. Tiger King (Netflix) – 1 season DOCUSERIES
  4. Parasite (Movie) – DRAMA
  5. Letterkenny (Hulu) – 7 seasons COMEDY
  6. Brockmire (Hulu) – 4 seasons COM-DRAM
  7. Friends (Amazon Prime) – SIT-COM- 10 seasons
  8. New Girl (Netflix) – 7 seasons SIT-COM
  9. Z Nation (Netflix) – 5 seasons COM-DRAM
  10. Bert Kreischer: Hey Big Boy (Netflix) – COMEDY
  11. Undateable (Amazon Prime) – 3 seasons [season 3 is taped LIVE and HILARIOUS] SIT-COM
  12. Mom (Hulu) – 6 seasons SIT-COM
  13. 1917 (Movie) – DRAMA
  14. Curse of Oak Island (History) – 7 seasons DOCUSERIES

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