Richard Ashcroft – They Don't Own Me (Official Music Video)


Get the new album “These People” now on CD, Vinyl or as digital download
Includes the singles “Out Of My Body”, “These People”, “Hold On”, “This Is How It Feels” and “They Don’t Own Me”
‘A Legend Returns’ – NME
‘Classic Ashcroft comeback – Shortlist

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  • Que som brilhante com uma voz dessa da vontade de escutar essa cancão dia todo, parabéns obrigado

  • This song just gets better and more relevant as time goes on.

  • can you imagine a new norm when someone accidentaly bumps into you and you react like they have given yo a death curse! I truely feel for gigs and festivals but should definatley go ahead and give the public their own choice on their new "Norm."
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  • that triumph is a thing of beauty.

  • This is even better than The Verve! I totally missed this new album, I was listening to my old favourites when Writing my final assignments on my course and thought "I wonder what Richard Ashcroft has been up to since like 2008". Apperently better than ever 😀

  • Richard Ashcroft is quite simply a living legend! His music speaks to the masses!

  • Richard Ashcroft is supposed to be a Born Again Christian .He’s getting close. God bless

  • Ive never been a huge verve fan but richard does have a gooood voice. This song grabbed my attention for the title of THEY DON'T OWN ME…. they mainstream music industry truely died in mid 2000s. Just look at the crap they sell our kids now violence drugs hate and all types of sexual shit. Satanists run it and to be super famous you gota run with what agenda they tell you as in lyrics how they want you to dress and act…. but the usual you try warn people or give them in your face content of a clip on you tube ie occult symbolism and what they rapping or auto tunning about and people just make out your a looney or say your one of those conspiracy nut jobs.. its sad azz.. I have to say the drugs dont work is a good song too so much truth in that:)

  • The beauty about it, is that you can't tell whether its from a solo album or from the Verve….. Both ways , the fans win ..

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