N.W.A. – Express Yourself (Official Video)


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  • It's like they actually tried not to swear
    Just think… Why were the pics with signs censored

  • It's has been so many years since this and just as fresh in 2020. We never learn, do we? I hope it is going to be ok with you, me and all of us❤️

  • Perfect example of when the song does not match the music video

  • For those of you commenting on the lyrics “I don’t smoke weed or cess”..Ice Cube wrote this song and indeed did not smoke weed yet during this period.

  • express yourself through protests

  • God. 1989 coming home from school and watching Yo! MTV raps everyday, followed by Hard 30. Dr. Dre, Fab Five Freddy, and Ed Lover. Fav episode was when E, Fab Five and NWA were rolling on Crenshaw in a trailer bed and E is throwing up signs, and the video photographer asks him “Why do you keep doing that?” And E says “I’m saving your life, white boy.” E was the man, God bless his soul

  • Just for people to understand they did this song because radios did not want to play there songs because of the lyrics they used so they made this to show they can make hits without restrictions of people who get easily offended.

  • dre: "i still express yo i don't smoke weed or sess"
    also dre: first album the chronic
    also also dre: "album photo of 2001 has kush at the bottom left"

  • when music videos weren't just people showing off there money or fame.

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