Metallica: The Unforgiven (Theatrical Version) (Official Music Video)


Metallica’s official “Theatrical Version” music video for “The Unforgiven,” from the album “Metallica.” Subscribe for more videos:

Directed by Matt Mahurin
Filmed in September 1991 in Los Angeles, CA

Video Premiere Date: November 19, 1991

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© 1991 Blackened Recordings

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  • Just want to share this.

    The Black Album was one of my very first cassette tapes ever purchased back in 1992 and it is still one of my deepest inspirations in life as a musician today.
    Picking up a guitar just to learn how to play the intro of this song back then was one of my greatest memories ever.

  • Nueva sangre se une a esta tierra
    Y, rápidamente, está sometido
    A través de la constante y dolorosa desgracia
    El joven aprende sus reglas

  • New blood joins this earth
    And, quickly, he's subdued
    Through constant pained disgrace
    The young boy learns their rules

  • Alex Jones has heard from big names in the music industry that globalists such as Viacom ordered music acts to change the culture into an anti-culture with rap to poison the minds of blacks and glorify criminality with the intent to get more blacks incarcerated. This is why you have seen rock be much less prominent over the last 25 years or so. I remember in the early 80s, rock was king. MTV started well then became trash. Snoop Dog is the main operative and he's entirely an act to sell out black people. Word is that the metal bands refused to go along with this operation. Thank God for true artists like Metallica.

  • It's so eerie it's like the song is better with it ( before the music kicks in )

  • Heartbreaking of a song… But so wonderfully beautiful at the same time

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