Metallica: Spit Out the Bone (Official Music Video)


Metallica’s official music video for “Spit Out the Bone,” from the album “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct.” Subscribe for more videos:

Directed by Phil Mucci

Video Premiere Date: November 17, 2016

Mindy Kelly – Mindy
Ian Mackay – Max
Techno Monks – Chris Jai Alex, Gene Freeman, Will Greenburg, John Nania, Sam Tan
Phil Mucci – Poor Bastard Who Gets Zapped

Produced by Phil Mucci and Ian Mackay
Associate Producer – Dan Simpson
Visual FX and Stop-Motion – Diabolik
Animated Sequences – Adam Avilla

Cinematographer – Jeff Speed
Costume Designer – Jenny Luna
Hair & Makeup – Yadira Lopez
Special FX Makeup – Sioux Sinclair
Art Director – Amanda Graeff
Stunt Coordinator – Mindy Kelly and John Nania

Custom Props by The Rot Shop, Chicago
‘Brain Drain’ Chair – Brant Mccrea
Sentry Orb & Surgical Props – Ryan Oliver
Face Model – Nicole Picou
Additional Painting – Cassandra Knox
Additional Fabrication – David Wimsatt, Jim Moore, Jeff Kuhnie, James Kimball

1st AC – Chris Speed
Key Grip – Adrian Rozas
Costume Assistant – Alexander Logan
Production Assistant – Daniel Graeff

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  • The song is awesome but Kirk sounds like he doesn't even try anymore on the solos…butchered the song

  • This looks like a King Gizzard video in all the best ways

  • Come unto me and you will feel perfection

    Come unto me and dedicate

    Come unto me, you'll never feel rejection

    Come unto me and terminate

    Remove your heart, it's only good for bleeding

    Bleeding through your fragile skin

    Remove your thought cause it's only for deceiving

    Deceiving thoughts destroy within

    Disappear like man was never here

    Long live machine

    The future supreme

    Man overthrown

    Spit out the bone

    Plug into me I guarantee devotion

    Plug into me and dedicate

    Plug into me and I'll save you from emotion

    Plug into me and terminate

    Accelerate, Utopian solution

    Finally cure the Earth of man

    Exterminate, speeding up the evolution

    Set on course a master plan

    Reinvent the earth inhabitant

    Long live machine

    The future supreme

    Man overthrown

    Spit out the bone

    The flesh betrays the flesh

    Your man has had his time

    We lay him down to rest

    Machined the new divine

    Stop breathing

    And dedicate to me

    Stop dreaming

    And terminate for me

    All meaning

    You dedicate to me

    All feelings

    You terminate for me

    Disappear like man was never here

    Long live machine

    Our future supreme

    Your man overthrown

    Spit out the bone, yeah

  • Dude Metallica prophets warned us about corona through this video four years back

  • Blackened4840 or whatever it's called has the vibe i was looking for. Thank you.

  • If this video was inspired by the film Through the Never, then that is awesome.

  • Everyone: Kirk can't write a good solo anymore
    Kirk: Hold my wah

  • They are the Lords of THRASH METAL!!!
    Without them, all we'd have is GRANITE ROCK music!!

  • If Gwar had more professionalism in his videos … It would look like this. 😛

  • Videos weird. Loving the song. Nice way to pump me this Friday morning May 1

  • i think its talking about peopole beliving that the universe is a simulation or a dream
    its kinda like tool third eye lyrics spoken by bill hicks not shore if he was a comidian or not…

  • editor: do u want the graphics of the video-clip to be good?
    metallica: wtf nooo!!

  • Best Metallica song since the And Justice For All album in my opinion. I never thought Metallica could ever write another song that gave me chills again. I am glad that I was wrong. I was extremely shocked at how amazing this song was the first time I ever listened to it. PHENOMENAL!!!

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