Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (Official Music Video)


Metallica’s official music video for “Some Kind of Monster,” from the album “St. Anger” and the E.P. “Some Kind of Monster.” Subscribe for more videos:

Directed by Alan Smithee
Filmed during the recording of the St. Anger album in 2002-2003 in San Rafael, CA

Video Premiere Date: June 28, 2004

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  • the snare isnt that bad in this song lol

    well yeah it still has that can sound but it doesnt ring out and bleed your ears everytime (i personally enjoy the snare but this one is better imo)

  • F*ck all the haters, this is a great song from a great album!

  • Hmmmm, I remember sitting in the 10th row watching Cliff play in 85……I'm fckn old.

  • My favorite songs on St. Anger are Frantic, St. Anger and Invisible Kid, but if this was the album version, it'd be my absolute favorite.

  • Does anybody know about that concert showed at the end of this video? Sounds pretty cool. I was looking for it in YT, but I´ve couldn´t find it yet.

  • It never ceases to amaze me, a band that wrote so many great songs like One, Orion and Master of Puppets, suddenly couldn’t right a good song after the black album. They just lost the ability to make good music. The same happened to Megadeth after Euthanasia and Slayer went down hill fast after Seasons with only a few decent tracks here and there.

  • Robert never recorded St. Anger. Bob Rock did the bass tracks so why pretend Rob did……….

  • Watching this film makes you realise what a hard time they were going through

  • hatfield seems like a nightmare to work with since hes an alcy,,,you can only stress them so much before they break and lose it lol not good under pressure those kinda people

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