Metallica & Ozzy Osbourne – Iron Man & Paranoid (Rock and Hall of Fame – October 30, 2009)


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Metallica live October 30, 2009 at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary show at Madison Square Garden.


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  • True legends. Rock SOB´s rock. Ozzy looks like a serial killer 😀 Psycho so great !

  • Every time I have ever seen Ozzy live is a very entertaining experience because no matter how old he is, he is like a little kid up on the stage that is just as excited to see the crowd as they are to see him. It's awesome.

  • Has he lost his mind?
    Can he see or is he blind?
    Can he walk at all
    Or if he moves will he fall?

    Is he alive or dead?
    Has he thoughts within his head?
    We'll just pass him there
    Why should we even care?

    He was turned to steel
    In the great magnetic field
    When he travelled time
    For the future of mankind

    Nobody wants him
    He just stares at the world
    Planning his vengeance
    That he will soon unfold

    Now the time is here
    For Iron Man to spread fear
    Vengeance from the grave
    Kills the people he once saved

    Nobody wants him
    They just turn their heads
    Nobody helps him
    Now he has his revenge

    Heavy bolts of lead
    Fills his victims full of dread
    Running as fast as they can
    Iron Man lives again!

  • Lmao! The whole damn band looks so happy to be there with Ozzy!

  • See his 1970 paranoid song !! He is looking so simple and sweet!! I can't imagine that how he transformed into dangerous singer ever!! Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!

  • Fizeram o show para jornalistas!! até o Ozzy estava mais vivo!!

  • He needs a sign saying " Flammable " , because of all drugs and alcohol he conusmed and still consuming.

  • Оззи, конечно, стар, даже, суперстар, но поёт в живую в этом возрасте лучше Пугачёвой. Они, вроде, ровесники.

  • there should be more movies like Bohemian Rhapsody, espacially for bands like Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin!

  • Date someone that look at you like James looks to Ozzy

  • I love Ozzy, I love Metallica, sorry without Zakk this lacks the soul. The only one to really catch Randy. Just my opinion. Cheers.

  • Everyone: "Wtf is lars doing?"
    Me an intellectual: "His best?"

  • Those zombies who went to the recital should be charged triple the entrance the next time

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