Metallica: One (Live – Seattle '89) [Live Shit: Binge & Purge]


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One (Hetfield/Ulrich)
Recorded live on August 29 & 30, 1989 at the Seattle Coliseum in Seattle, WA
Directed by Michael Salomon

© 1993 Blackened Recordings

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  • How did we go from here to cardi b vs nicki minaj like wtf happened to music

  • The crowd wouldn't shut the fuck up so i can hear them play

  • Me and little brother got guitar hero three recently and this is his favorite song to do

  • Remind me to send someone to this video next time I have to prove Lars is a shitty drummer.
    Absolutely awful execution, so many missed notes, rushing and of course his single FFF dynamic.
    I have loved Metallica since I was seven when this album came out and I am a classicaly trained percussionist – Lars Ulrich sucks and is easily the least remarkable part of Metallica.
    Cut and dried.
    That is it.

  • son: why my sister is called emma
    dad: because your mom love that name
    son: thanks dad.
    dad: don't worry (Live – Seattle '89) [Live Shit: Binge & Purge]

  • They called me a mad man for liking Metallica in today’s age. They called crazy for thinking the seconded part of One is better

  • I feel numb every time I hear this. As a combat vet this is more than a song.

  • I was planning to go there but i was trapped in my dads testicle

  • I’m new to metal and idk if every group does this but I like how they actually do it live play instruments and everything cuz in rap they use the studio song and just sing over it

  • It’s good it’s an official release so they eq the shit out of things and fix mistakes. They take parts from other shows and patch it in.

  • I can't take this video seriously when James's guitar constantly says "EET FUK" On it

  • I have the original 1991 video tapes for all three live shit and binge concerts

  • I like it when they play it in E Flat, instead of Standard E.. sounds better

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