Metallica – "Nothing Else Matters" Lyrics (HD)


Metallica – Nothing Else Matters – 1080 HD


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  • Mane this remind s me of my bby daddy and them good ole days may. he R.I.P. Frank Gonzales you forever live in me i love you we will meet someday

  • … so close no matter how far… TOGETHER ALL! DEFEAT!

  • Is this the song with the old lady Nah na na na na. If not does anyone know that Metallica song

  • the earliest memory i have is me and my family listening to my dad play this song on his guitar and then eventually watched him play it on guitar hero metallica

  • Listen to them Irish brother's until I go back to the ground, and beyond my coffee is going to have non stop streaming built into it, the music and phoretices will be non stop ….

  • Yoooo check red Hot chilli Peppers…
    Psychic spies from China
    Try to steal your mind's elation
    Little girls from Sweden
    Dream of silver screen quotations
    And if you want these kind of dreams
    It's Californication

  • My friend Barış used to play this with his old guitar. He had an accident while going to buy a new one. You are still here Barış, still playing this song and don't be sad anymore cause Nothing Else Matters Barış …

  • Fregatene di quello ke dicono
    Fegatene di quello ke fanno
    Fregatene di sanno
    xké io só!!
    Addio Francy Cacace!!
    Karmen Catalano e Margot,
    siete delle merde,
    cmq vi ringrazio di
    avermi dato il suo numero!!

  • Solid listener from philippines! Daming pinapa alala sakin ng kanta na to nag mula sa mga kuya ko

  • dit zijn muzikanten luister maar goed naar de ritme en nummer! ye.

  • the beggining sounds a bit similliar to jojis song ''run''

  • Dit nummer is voor Marcel Prins Geniet ervan Marcel en denk dan even aan mij liefs………

  • It's freaking 2020 but feels like whole world is stuck in mid 1990s

  • So close all enemys Fear the German Tank hes Rollin in Trust for his Fatherland and Nothing else matters he never thinked he will goes that way all these words doenst matter trust a shoot and u can alive a fight u will do is all for a different view and nothing else matters Never cared what others do but i do so close to be unstopabel a attack with all his Force that he can Bring on the field and nothing else matters but i know This Tank cames Only for U…

  • Never cared for what they do
    Never cared for what they know

  • This band is my life it saved me raised me and MOTHER FUCKING MADE ME ….AND THATS ALL I GOT TO SAY ABOUT THAT

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