Metallica: Live in Lima, Peru – March 20, 2014


Filmed at Estadio Nacional in Lima, Peru on March 20, 2014. Subscribe for more videos: Want more Live Metallica?

Audio Mixed by Greg Fidelman
Audio Recorded by Mike Gillies
Tour Video Director: Marcia Kapustin
Video Edited by Brett Murray
Thumbnail features artwork by John Baizley

Special Thanx to Kent Matcke, Jeff Yeager, & Chris Hodgson.

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  • La cara que pone Hetfield en el 1:55:31 cuando la gente comienza a corear la guitarra sin que él los anime a hacerlo y luego le mete el "That's right Lima". El hombre lo estaba disfrutando

  • Lords of Summer Sounds so different here
    It's like a different song. I'm conflicted on which version is better

  • El mejor SETLIST de metallica de los últimos 10 años y mas aun

  • Tuve la fortuma de estar esa noche cantando a todo pulmón las canciones de Metallica ❤️

  • Haz tu elección de tu banda Thrash perfecta
    Opción 1:
    Hetfield: vocal y guitarra rítmica
    Cliff: bajo
    Dimebag: guitarra líder
    Lombardo: batería
    Lars: mánager y negocios
    Opción 2
    Hetfield: voz
    Mustaine: rítmica
    Newsted: bajo
    Skolnick: guitarra líder
    Igor Cavalera: batería
    Ulrich y Gene Simmons: managers
    Opción 3:
    Una mezcla de ambas.
    ¡¡¡¡ VOTA YA !!!!

  • Dope ass performance and setlist. The Four Horseman on this is one of the best performances I've seen so far. James' voice sounds super crisp and the drumming is nice. Too bad that they don't play the middle part, but still amazing. Transition to Whiplash is also a blast, and then the dope double bass part in the beginning. Fire

  • Metallica you guys are crazy, put this concert for sale.
    Where can I download/buy this in hd/ ult hd because this concert is insanely good. This equals like the nimes concert and mexico orgullo, maybe even better.

  • Damn. What a memory. I was there and it was as fucking awesome as you all see (no, it was even more great!)

  • Can you guys show the concert from Russia, 1991 on one of the “Metallica Monday’s”?

  • Metallica by Request was an excellent idea!!! I was at Montreal show and it was one of the most entertaining of the 20 Metallica concerts I have attended to! I loved see them play Disposable Heroes and Lords of Summer just to see them have fun to play not-conventional songs. How a about a full version of JustIce!! What a blast! Please let us vote again!!!

  • Ahi estuvo mi hermana 7w7, para que están recaudando fondos?

  • What will happen in every intro
    Rob: constantly changing where he is
    Lars: DUDER!!!

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