Metallica – Kill 'Em All [Full Album]


Band: Metallica
Album: Kill ‘Em All
Released: July 25, 1983
Genre: Thrash Metal

1.Hit The Lights [0:00 – 4:17]
2.Four Horsemen [4:18 – 11:30]
3.Motorbreath [11:31 – 14:39]
4.Jump In The Fire [14:40 – 19:21]
5.(Anasthesia) Pulling Teeth [19:22 – 23:36]
6.Whiplash [23:37 – 27:46]
7.Phantom Lord [27:4 7- 32:48]
8.No Remorse [32:49 – 39:15]
9.Seek And Destroy [39:16 – 46:11]
10.Metal Militia [46:12 – 51:22]
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  • The only album I like by Metallica…I like the thrash era of them, personally.

  • Perfect name and music to play as business owners owners fend off the rioters during the night

  • Top albums:
    1.Kill Em All
    3.Defenders Of The Fairh
    4.The Years Of Decay

  • Partied with half of alcoholica aka Metalllica in Santa Rosa, CA in an old converted chicken barn called xanado. Didn't realize until years later," why are all the girls hanging around the sound booth?" So I looked in ,it was Jason and Lars. It just didn't click until years later, to much MJ. Also got greenday high before they were greenday, but that's another story. Peace out.

  • Anybody notice the guitar tuning on this stream sounds higher than it should be?

  • My girlfreind : This album is old

    Me :your mother is also old and she is still hot

  • This was the first album where I listened to all of songs, and I’m glad it was! /m

    Vocals – Dave Mustaine
    Lead Guitar – Dave Mustaine
    Rhythm Guitar – Dave Mustaine
    Bass – Dave Mustaine
    Drums – Dave Mustaine
    Producer – Dave Mustaine
    Keyboards – Dave Mustaine
    String Section – Dave Mustaine
    Mixing – Dave Mustaine
    Mastering – Dave Mustaine
    Artwork – Dave Mustaine
    Legal – Dave Mustaine
    Booking Manager – Dave Mustaine
    Deity of Worship – Dave Mustaine

  • 3,000 people were expecting Load/Reload era Metallica.

  • i always wondered why this album sounded different from the others and its because they use a distortion pedal called the "Rat"…which has a distinct sound.

  • Even after 37 years it still sounds AWESOME!! Long live the legacy of Cliff Burton and Randy Rhodes.

  • When I was about ten and compact discs had been out for a minute my grandmother took me to a store and let me pick out a cd to have with my new cd player. I happened to see this album and it has been love ever since. One of the greatest albums ever recorded. So much to prove and so talented.

  • These guys were so young when their first albums were released . Super talented at such a young age. These albums were a big part of my middle/high school . Life long fan no doubt, and will always listen to their first three albums!!

  • Dave Mustaine's influence is present in all the songs, James Hetfield's vocals were very poorly recorded, this album reminds me a lot of "Megadeth" !!!

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