Metallica: (Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth & Blitzkrieg (Turin, Italy – February 10, 2018)


Filmed at Pala Alpitour in Turin, Italy on February 10, 2018. Subscribe for more videos:

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  • Damn this video gived me chills down to my spine! m/ long live the legacy of Cliff Burton!

  • La esencia de Cliff Burton desapareció cuando este bajista toca esta canción ya que Cliff la tocaba más rápido 🙁

  • Lars drums were tight! Sounded great

  • I like rob as much as cliff, but what's with robs version of it at 0.52 isn't there meant to be more of a swing to that section?

  • Clifford Lee Burton you were the best of the best!! You METALED (rocked but In metal language) the WORLD with your crazy skills we love and we miss you

  • I was nine years old when kill em all came out. I didn't understand the concept of a cover tune. For the first couple of years of my very young Metallica life Blitzkrieg was my favorite Metallica song. I know, I know, but I still love hearing Metallica play Blitzkrieg

  • Why doesn't Jeimz burp at the end like he always did? He might do it for Cliff!

  • im sorry for this but i forgot the song name at the end of the video…

  • Why every time Rob plays Cliff solo, it looks like he's crying

  • No offence, but Rob is not nearly as proficient on the bass as Cliff was. I almost feel like he shouldn't do "anesthesia" because he only plays half and it sounds kind of stiff.

  • How do you know a band is absofuckinglutely legendary: 1.- When you reach to destination with your car, but you cant get out until the song ends; 2.- You prefer to listen to the live version of their songs! Metallica rulz!

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