Metallica – …And Justice for All [Full Album with Bass]


Metallica’s 1988 release, …And Justice For All with a newly recorded bass track by Josh DuBois.

Signal Chain: 2005 Warwick Corvette Standard – Darkglass Microtubes 900 – Darkglass DG410C Cabinet – Shure Beta 52 – TASCAM US4x4 – Logic Pro X

0:00 – Blackened
6:37 – And Justice for All
16:21 – Eye of the Beholder
22:48 – One
29:55 – The Shortest Straw
36:30 – Harvester of Sorrow
42:14 – The Frayed Ends of Sanity
49:58 – To Live is to Die
59:44 – Dyers Eve

Individual Tracks with Louder Bass:


And Justice for All:

Eye of the Beholder:


The Shortest Straw:

Harvester of Sorrow:

The Frayed Ends of Sanity:

To Live is to Die:

Dyers Eve:

The Bass Channel Merch:

Featured Gear:

Warwick Corvette Standard:

Darkglass Microtubes 900:

Darkglass DG410C Cabinet:

Shure Beta 52:

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Lady Justice Cover Art: Adrian Borromeo

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  • I forgot how good this album was….or could have been. With audible bass it could have been by far their best album. Everything after has been garbage. Good work man. Now to fix that terrible drums tone.

  • Well done, sir. Finger picking is next level. Looks easy.

  • What a wonderful mix. I listen the álbum with bass boost some years ago but it doesn't sounds so good like yours. Congrats & thanks!

  • And Justice for all is one of the weakest Metallic albums. One is the only good song

  • Finally justice was served!! Thanks to all of you guys!!! Long live the lowenders!!

  • Favourite Metallica album (and possibly favourite album in general) finally gets justice. You sir, are a certified BadASS

  • If only this bass could be remastered with the original uncompressed version…whoa daddy, my car system would be shaking violently to orgasm! Excellent bass work bro m/

  • The funniest thing is that the AJFA album innersleeve proudly annouces that Jason Newsted plays ESP basses ahah. If Lars and James could predict the internet, obviously they would have included the bass… This episode became more embarassing to them than to Jason.

  • Early Metallica is king. Everything else takes a back seat.

  • i admit im not a huge metallica fan but i always liked AJFA and always wanted bass in it. Frayed ends i think benefits from the bass a bit more than all the others, with that riff, it really needed the low end in order to drive it. its amazing and thank you

  • This album to me always sounded a bit two-dimensional. This video shows how the album should sound. I think the band should remix the original and re-release it, at least as a gift to Newstead.

  • Wow, you must have really done a lot of work to mute the original bass so it doesn't overlap with yours! Good job!

  • Im sorry man i had to download this, extract the audio and now used it as full album playthru, thanks a lot man!

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