Jacob Collier – Moon River


Hundreds upon hundreds of Jacob Colliers join together in harmony to bring you an acapella rendition of Moon River, composed by Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer in 1960.

Listen to ‘Moon River’ ➡ https://lnk.to/JCMoonRiverID

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  • jacob recorded himself singing 5292 times
    a mile is 5280 feet
    moon river is, in fact, wider than a mile

  • I wanna know the application for android which allows to do such work.
    I would like to making a video having the different voices I wanna save one after the other.
    Please, help me

  • Oh my Gorshin. Stunning. wowowow! Taylor Jenkins sent me here.

  • The most harmonically complex performance in the history of mankind

  • I love the sound but the way Jacob moves him mouth while singing makes me uncomfortable

  • I love how how the beaver hat is always designated on bass in every music

  • The intro is like watching my own synesthesia on a screen! haha love it! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL arrangement!!!! And then that freaking last chord. Man…ALL THE FREAKING CHORDS. Umm…excuse my small mental breakdown of appreciation. Ok. Bye.

  • My ears are crazy blessed by this. It def needs more than 1 million views SHEESSHH

  • 7:15 is now officially my most favoritest-est musical moments I have EVER heard! Up until this point your arrangement sounds so very peaceful and relaxed, and then comes this part where all dominoes of more and more harmonies start falling unto each other! Where it gets so intense with the quartertones and all the other hyperjazzy sprinkles like that one note, which so subtly rising in pitch. You really really deserved that grammy for this one, Jacob!

    By the way, I also added it to my "collection of biosferes", so now it's one of the 215+ videos in there, and it belongs somewhere at the top. 🙂 I am trying to "collect" all of the most special musical atmospheres I can find, check it out if you want:

  • If cows could sing, they'd be like moooooooooo….. N river

  • You are an indescribably gifted person.

    In my own opinion, you are the reincarnation of Frank Zappa.

    Please keep working hard to spread the feelings that sound conveys to many people with your wonderful sound.

    I'll be rooting for you forever.

  • I think we can all agree after this zoom meeting that we can never have enough Jacob Colliers in a Jacob Collier video

  • Like if you’re here from the Insta live with Chris Martin

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