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So, nightly you all see that either myself, Shellz, Simion or another club mate, hits big during PH and you should know by now how and why….

Throughout the day, sometimes several days, we all jump into a heist room – private. Begin at no more than 10% of your current coin count, or at what you land in the room with. Example: You have 250m coin, and the suggested bet is 25m, do NOT go over that . . . yet. Start out lower until you get at the least the 2nd heister, which is the gal being lowered with the night vision glasses. NOW, you can up your bet by one level only!

Continue until you reach the 1st to last heister, which is the gal with glasses and the glove pop. Exit the room. I would not recommend you do more than 2 sessions in rapid succession, as you will end up with a “funky” room. If you land in a room, and after 10 spins you get low hits and/or no heister, leave the room and start again. Another thing, do not expect the amount of 3 rooms with full 15m bet spins, to net you over 700m. This MAY happen, if it takes a “crap-ton” of spins to get you almost to the completion of the heist. The more you do this, with a good bet, the more your completed heist will be.

Example: Like my last big hit of 13.2 Billion. I was in over 15 rooms, with full room betting between 75m and 125m. That’s why a large heist, and it’s a beautiful thing when it hits like that. However, I had several “funky” rooms that I had to bail out of after 15 spins of low wins and no heisters. Also, do NOT always expect to see the Jewel Thief, as he does not always appear. No biggie, as I consider that bonus coin anyway.

Heist is one of many rooms to “stash” coin away and get a huge hit during PH, bringing in alot of coin and crowns. However, you can also do this in alot of other games as well. I am also a Party Wave girl, however those are harder to pop when you need them. Shellz, Tony and quite a few other people also save “Free Spins” in games that offer such a bonus. Me, I don’t do that too often, because you already have to have alot of coin, to win those spins and at a bet that makes it worthwhile. If you would like more information on those, contact Shellz or Tony for that.

Rule of thumb:

  • Never bet more than 10% of your coin – EVER! I don’t start a room out above that, even if I have over 15 Billion in coin.
  • Never stay in a room if you are not hitting after 10-15 spins. Move on to another room.
  • Save coin when you can, everyday!
  • Do not up your bet, until your 2nd “Big Win” in your room. And then, only go up by one level….Do this as much as you want, so long as you are winning. If you stop hitting, return to original bet and start again, or change rooms.

Just some of the things I do, daily, to help save coin, earn coin and gain crowns. I have a few weird “rituals” as well.

  • If playing in private, before you start spinning – “Ty”, “GL” and smiley face the room . . . I know, but it works.
  • If you are in a public room, be sure to observe for a minute before jumping into the fray. During that time, “Like” everyone in the room, as this is good Karma. If in dragons, start off low bet, watch the room, see who got the last “mini” and where it went next. Also, make sure yo “WTG” all recipients of the mini’s or other JP’s – again, good Karma.
  • If you are spinning in private, as I stated above, every hit your get that is 2x’s your bet, “TY” and Smiley face the room. Again, weird but it does work.
  • NEVER, NEVER, NEVER – Bitch out B.F. because your not hitting, or missed the colossal or anything negative – even in a private room. Be courteous, be communicative and above all, thank BF for any and ALL big hits. Spread the good karma with gifts and “WTG’s”.

Ok, these are a few of my favorite things! LOL….

Good luck out there and remember, it’s a game folks and it’s called Gambling for a reason. Keep on spinning, winning and grinning!!


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  • TY Wiggles for the info. It’s very considerate of u 2 share what u know. It’s a rare find on the BF:) RTP is amazing keep Rocking & Winning y’all 🙂

  • I am in a Legend club and I just wanted to tell you that I’ve learned so much from your blog posts. I’m assuming that you guys are quitting for a while based on your profiles. Good luck. I’ve admired your club from afar. You guys put together a great club!

    • Hey Susie,

      No, we are not quitting at all, we are just not going to be hard core competitive like we was. We are still going to rock out and have a great time on the ap! Thank you so much for your support and kind words. Simion

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