Brothers Osborne – Stay A Little Longer (Official Music Video)


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    Canada Country (Billboard)[10]
    US Billboard Hot 100[11]
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    In this case what are you Canadians thinking by not lovin up on this song. C'mon now…..C'mon! Numer 2 Billboard Country airplay.

  • Acabei de conhecer o trabalho desses caras, já curti demais !

  • I’m legit about to cry to this song cuz it’s that emotional to me

  • I was expecting a Bob Wills cover. But this is just horrible.

  • I love this song and the video made me love it even more. The representation in the video is insane. LOVE 😀

  • 66 yrs old – divorced now for almost 5 years from my wife – just shy of our 40th anniversary…sitting all alone in my apartment on self imposed "house arrest" struggling to stay optimistic for our future as we all endure this COVID-19 saga. Hoping for the sun to shine again, the whole time leaning on music to maintain some sense of sanity.
    Songs like this are so unique and uplifting – a song about the spontaneous passion that love ignites…
    I play it over n over… it brings me back to a night long ago, when my wife of over 21 years, who I was separated from at the time, miraculously came back to me.
    Such a beautiful memory that this song portrays in both lyrics & sound.
    As I play it, I close my eyes and thank God for every minute that I was able to share w/her.
    It allows me to grieve losing her, but still smile and remember the intense passion that we once shared.
    Comparing all gendre's of music, this is by far one of the most rhrythmic & soulful songs I've ever heard – a song that I believe will still capture an audience of listeners long after I pass…
    Randy Wilson

  • does anyone know what guitar the guy who plays the solo part is using?

  • Such an amazing song. I feel like all or most of us have been through this. We are trying to move on but all we can do is think about the other half and how much we miss them

  • This song is for those who love and hate the fact that your close but yet to far

  • It doesn't matter if we are a different race
    It doesnt matter if we love the same gender
    Its love

  • I was just recently turned on to The Brother's and I have to say I'ma really liking what I hear.

  • <3 50 Likes and I will send this to my crush <3

  • Sex without commitment or love. Gee, who doesn't want that emptiness?

  • This is one of my favorite songs. Has been since I heard for the the first time, and still is.

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